Miss Universe Alicia Machado: Donald Trump a ‘Nazi Rat’

Alicia Machado—the former Miss Universe whom Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked, and whom Hillary Clinton has repeatedly embraced—has previously discussed Trump’s past nicknames for her: “Miss Housekeeping” (due to her ethnicity), and “Miss Piggy” (due to her weight gain).

Last year, on the same week that Trump announced his presidential run, Machado had her own nickname for her one-time Miss Universe terrorizer: “Nazi rat.”

On the day Trump launched his campaign, Machado called him an “unhappy NAZI!” and two days later tweeted that Trump “is a racist Nazi and despot.”

More recently, she has returned to her preferred nickname for the Republican presidential nominee, using the hashtag #RataNazi.

“My freedom of opinion is what I most love about being a U.S. citizen! My position is overwhelmingly and firmly: #NaziRat you won’t be president!” she tweeted, as translated into English, on Monday.

The Trump campaign and Machado’s publicist did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Asawin Suebsaeng