Obama Could Benefit From Dems' Loss

Could President Obama’s best bet on November 2 be a major Democratic loss? The New York Times’ Peter Baker writes that in the wake of the midterm elections, the best possible course for Obama might be just that. As Obama finishes a national tour to rally support, historians and political experts are estimating that less Democratic control could keep Obama in the running for another term. Professor Steven M. Gillon of the University of Oklahoma says, “If the Republicans capture both House and Senate, the odds of Obama winning in 2012 go up.” However, “if the Democrats keep both houses, then Congress will hover over him and he’s going to have less room to maneuver.” Obama does anticipate more cooperation from the Republican party in the next two years. Baker argues both ways: A Republican-controlled Congress could mean less bipartisan pandering and more action—or it could mean brutal scrutiny and a derailed agenda.