One Man Dead, Another Injured After Attack at Scientology Headquarters in Sydney

A teenager has been arrested in connection with a fatal attack at the Australian Church of Scientology headquarters in Sydney, The Guardian reports. The 16-year-old boy, who has not been identified, is accused of stabbing two employees of the church as they escorted him off the property. The teenager, who was believed to have a family member present inside the Church of Scientology Advanced Organisation Saint Hill Anzo at the time of the incident, has been arrested and is said to be cooperating with investigators. Police say the two employees were escorting the teen off the church’s property “in relation to a domestic incident” that had happened a day earlier when the teen allegedly plunged a blade into the neck of one of the men, a 24-year-old man. The other employee was injured as well. Both men were rushed to Royal North Shore Hospital, where the 24-year-old man was pronounced dead Thursday. “The staff made the decision that he should leave the premises,” said a spokesman for New South Wales police. “[The teenager] was being walked out. For some reason, something happened. He removed the knife and caused the injuries that resulted in this tragedy.”