Only 3 in 10 Americans Buy Trump’s Claim That Mueller Report Exonerates Him: Poll

Only three in 10 Americans reportedly believe President Trump’s claim that he has been completely exonerated by the Mueller Report. According to an ABC/Washington Post poll, 58 percent of Americans believe Trump lied to the American people about subjects Mueller investigated. But despite Americans’ suspicions about the president surrounding the Mueller Report, only 37 percent of Americans support his impeachment—reportedly a new low. Americans are also reportedly divided on whether or not Trump obstructed justice, with 47 percent believing he did and 41 believing he did not. Fifty-one percent characterize the Mueller report as “fair and even-handed,” while 21 percent call the report “unfair.” Trump called the Mueller investigation a “witch hunt” throughout its duration, and declared victory once Mueller concluded there was no collusion between his campaign and Russians during the election. The president also recently called the probe an attempted “coup” that was unsuccessful.