He Said, She Said

PayPal Founder Opens up on Divorce

Elon Musk has decided to put aside his personal abhorrence of publicizing his personal life in order to tell his side of the story about his divorce from the mother of his five sons, Justine Musk. He writes in The Huffington Post that “the final straw” was an inaccurate comment in a New York Times article, saying that he “ran off with an actress.” According to Musk, who is the founder of PayPal and SpaceX and the chairman of Tesla Motors and SolarCity, he and Justine ended their marriage before either of them began their current relationships, and that there was “no third party involved in the breakup at all.” He also says he sets the record straight on his finances and the details of their marital agreement: They each will own their property, the novels she writes will be hers, and the companies he founded will be his. Fortunately for him, after an incredibly expensive California divorce trial that racked up four million dollars in legal fees, the judge ruled in his favor. There is room for a sequel however, as Justine has appealed the decision.