Planned Parenthood Donations Surge

Planned Parenthood has seen a spike in private donations since the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation cut off funding earlier this week. In the 24 hours since Komen announced its decision, Planned Parenthood has gotten $650,000 in donations, nearly enough to offset the losses from Komen’s funding. The group raised $250,000 from its newly launched Breast Health Emergency Fund, which it created to make sure affiliates would still be funded even after the Komen decision—and it raised an additional $400,000 from 6,000 online donors as of Wednesday night. Meanwhile, health-care advocates said Thursday that they believed Komen could lose up to half of its funding from donors who are angry about its decision. The breast-cancer foundation has come under fire after it announced Tuesday that it would no longer donate to Planned Parenthood due to “eligibility” and “grant strengthening,” but many have speculated that it has to do with abortion.