Police Find Flesh, Saw in Seattle Home

Human flesh, blood, and a 15-inch pruning saw were discovered in the home of a 40-year-old woman whose head and foot were found in a Seattle recycling bin on Saturday, according to court documents. Ingrid Lyne, a nurse, reportedly vanished after she went on a date with a man she met online, police have said. John Robert Charlton, 37, was arrested Monday in connection to Lyne’s death. He is said to have told officials that he was dating Lyne, but then blacked out Friday and doesn’t remember how he got to her house after their date or “what transpired when they got there.” Investigators have also said that a box of kitchen trash bags that match the ones that contained Lyne’s body parts were found in her home. Charlton is being held in lieu of a $2 million bond. Officials say they are still searching for the rest of Lyne’s body.