Prepare for the Herman Cain Radio Show

It was only a matter of time before Herman Cain got a radio show. Veteran Atlanta talk-radio host Neal Boortz announced Monday that he'll officially go off the air—after 40 years—on Jan. 21, 2013. And who better to replace him on the day that the next president is inaugurated than failed presidential hopeful Herman Cain? Make no mistake, Boortz isn’t retiring “because I'm fixing to die.” His health is fine; he just wants to take some time to travel with his wife. “Neal is my brother from another mother,” Cain declared following the announcement that he’ll be inheriting a show heard on 240 radio stations by more than 6 million listeners per week. “For all practical purposes,” Cain said. “I am done with politics. Essentially, I wanted to continue to express my views and help educate what’s going on in this country.”