Putin Foe Alexey Navalny Ordered to Delete Medvedev ‘Corruption’ Video

A Moscow court on Wednesday ordered Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny to delete his website and retract his claims in an investigative report on YouTube that alleges vast corruption by Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev. Industrial magnate (and Vladimir Putin friend) Alisher Usmanov had sued Navalny for defamation, and Judge Marina Vasina of the Lyubinsky district court ordered the activist and presidential candidate to delete all files that mention him, giving him a 10-day deadline. The most noteworthy of those files is Navalny’s video, which has had nearly 22 million views and claims Medvedev has profited from charitable foundations and is hiding tens of billions of dollars in secret accounts outside of Russia. (It was also said to be a trigger for major public protests across Russia in March.) Navalny alleged that Usmanov’s “donation” of a $88.4 million mansion in 2010 was really a bribe to Medvedev, whose close friends supposedly run the charitable group.