Rahami’s Dad to Cops in 2014: My Son’s a Terrorist

Suspected NYC bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami’s father reportedly told New Jersey police in 2014 that he believed his son was a terrorist, after Rahami was accused of stabbing his brother during a domestic dispute. Senior law-enforcement officials told New York Times reporters that a review by federal agents followed Rahami’s father's tip. When Rahami was arrested on Monday after a shootout with cops in New Jersey, he was also allegedly carrying a notebook with writing about “killing the kuffar,” or unbeliever. A Joint Terrorism Task Force with the FBI interviewed Rahami’s father, who eventually recanted and said he’d been angry at his son over the domestic incident when he first reported him. It wasn't clear if the FBI ever interviewed Rahami directly about the terrorism allegations. His father, Mohammad Rahami, said this week that he knows his son isn’t a terrorist, adding of the FBI: “They know that.”