Romney Makes $10K Bet to Perry

Are Mormons even allowed to gamble? Mitt Romney said he would bet Rick Perry $10,000 that a line about health care did not appear in the first version of Romney’s book. Perry said that he read the first edition of Romney’s book that Massachusetts universal health care would work for the rest of the nation but he couldn’t find it later editions. Romney responded “Rick, I’ll tell you what, ten thousand bucks? $10,000 bet?” Romney asked. The comment has already gone viral: The Des Moines Register tweeted “not too many Iowa caucusgoers are the sort to offer a $10,000 bet, even on a sure thing.” The DNC already blasted an email thread titled “Here’s what the average American family can buy with that $10,000,” and the ABC political analysts said after the debate that this comment had the power to become the viral video of the debate.