Saints Enjoy 11-0 Run

Fans of the New Orleans Saints no longer have reason to wear paper bags over their heads. As a fan banner put it, "This Ain't Yo Momma's Saints." Once a team of lovable losers, dubbed the "'Aints" by fans, the Saints have started out the season with an 11-0 record, and player Drew Brees is a front runner for the NFL's most valuable player award. On Monday night, the Saints overwhelmed the New England Patriots 38-17, and on Saturday they are set to play the Washington Redskins. The team's wins have the city of New Orleans afire. Fans showed up five and six hours before the Patriots game to start tailgating. The noise level inside the stadium during the game reached 119 decibels, just shy of the 120 decibels of a thunderclap or jackhammer. After Monday's victory, the last die-hards didn't leave the French Quarter until about 6 a.m. Before the game, a dining Patriots staffer found the wait staff of a restaurant entirely garbed in Saints apparel. They were polite to him, but after his employer became known, the owner told him "Southern hospitality ends at 7:30."