Sapp Sacks Strahan's Legacy

Talk about getting your jock straps in a bunch. Warren Sapp thinks Michael Strahan is overrated and isn’t afraid to say so. In an interview on Tuesday, Sapp addressed Strahan’s potential selection on Saturday for the NFL Hall of Fame saying, "When you stack it up, he only has four straight Pro Bowls and a mythical sack record that y'all still walk around like it's something to be praised … when you really measure him up, he comes up short." Strahan fired back, sarcastically saying, "I'm all hype. I lasted 15 years, all hype. I had 141.5 career sacks, all hype.” Sapp also attacked Strahan’s post-NFL career, arguing that his “good guy” image was fake and that his TV popularity on shows like Live with Michael and Kelly helped him. Boomer Esiason jumped in, calling Sapp an "embarrassment to anybody who's ever played the game of football because he feels like he's on an island somewhere by himself."