Scaramucci’s Media Outlet Tweets ‘Holocaust Poll’

The Twitter account of former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci’s media outlet tweeted a poll Tuesday morning leading users to vote on the number of Jews they believed were killed in the Holocaust. The tweet, by The Scaramucci Post, was taken down an hour after it asked how many Jews were killed and provided four options to choose from. The account later tweeted an apology after it was roundly criticized. Other tweets, including one about an Anne Frank Halloween costume, were also slammed as anti-Semitic. Earlier this month, Scaramucci promoted his media site as representing the “center lane” of U.S. politics. Later Tuesday, Scaramucci tweeted: “On behalf of the @ScaramucciPost we will be making a $25,000 donation to The Simon Wiesenthal Center. Hopefully I spelled that right.”