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Articles October 2008

Obama is the Real Conservative

Tom Brokaw on Charlie Rose

BFS - Turncoats- Buckley on Daily Show

BFS - Turncoats- Lieberman at RNC

BFS - Turncoats- Miller at 2004 RNC

BFS - Turncoats- Powell endorces Obama

A Democratic Speechwriter Backing McCain Responds to Attacks

Turncoats R Us

Obama Robots Attack

Political Party

Stewart Zings, Re-Zings Kristol on Daily Show

Sarah Palin Doesn't Deny Talk Show Rumors

Arizonans for Obama?

Hannity Crew Ambushes Rashid Khalidi

Hate the GOP? Blame Orange County

The End of Obama Hook-Ups

In My Family, Halloween Means One Thing: Latex

Kafka Meets Comedy Central in Guantanamo

The Governor's Got No Love For Her State's Most Famous Son

Who You Calling Second City?

Isabella Does Bug Porn

Trouble In Florida

Diane Sawyer Sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Celebrity Halloween

BFS - Upsets - Michelle Obama on LKL, Bradley Effect

BFS - Upsets - NBC News on Outcome of 1948 Election

BFS - Upsets - Churchill on Vacation After 1945 Loss

BFS - Upsets - Reagan on Meet The Press, 1976

BFS - Upsets - George Allen Macaca Comment

BFS - Upsets - Hillary Victory Speech, New Hampshire 2008

A Brief History of Sarah Palin's Hair

What if the President Were Black?

Going Negative: Ads Down the Stretch


Picasso Everywhere

Ridiculing the Infomercial

Guess Who Came to the Palin Rally?

McCain: Obama Not a Socialist

My Front Row Seat in the Nation's Strangest Swing State

Clinton and Obama: Together at Last

Obama's Depressing Infomercial

A Rapper Salutes the Slave Trade

My Night With Sean Penn

Why Kissinger Should Support Obama

Take That Job and Shove It

Blumenthal Video: Palin Rally

McCain Ad Attacks Obama Celebrity.

BFS: Buckly on Daily Show

BFS: Miller at the 2004 RNC

Obama and the Neo-Nazis

Bush Couldn't Close Gitmo Even If He Wanted To

Martha Stewart Endorses Obama, Taxes

Virginia Republicans Haven't Learned

Haunt Couture

Chris Rock: Why Obama Will Win

Bible Lessons for Business

McCain Bashes Obama, "The View"

New Obama Ad: Don't Screw Up!

Meet The One Guy Who's Making Money Right Now

Tina Fey: I Didn't Want to Meet Palin

Has Obama Already Won?

Spreading the Wealth Around

The Buzzards Are Circling Around Sumner Redstone

Keep Your Laws Off My Family

Why the Dollar Surge Won't Last

It Must Be Stopped: Hipster Lip Dub Videos

How McCain Made Grandpa Look Bad

Science Journalists Cross the Line

Where Does Obama's Money Come From?

Were All Not Like Al

BFS: Clinton & Obama, win win

A Q and A With Nicolle Wallace, Palin's Chaperone

BFS: Chris Rock on Letterman

BFS: Clinton at dem convention

BFS: Clinton on Obama

Dreyfuss Slams "W" on The View

How America Blew It in Syria

Sex Appeal

John McCain's Thumbs Up

Daily Show: Fear and Loathing at Rallies

Dispatch From Syria

The Heat Quotient

The Hate Monger of Minnesota

Biden Bans Local TV Station?

Michelle Obama on the Tonight Show

In Defense of Elitism

So Long, Democrats

McCain's Last Hope: The Amish Vote

No One’s Eating Apple Pie Anymore

5 Big Shot Investors Who Predicted The Crash

My Nuclear Knickers and Other Aging Secrets

Whose Heads Will Roll on Nov. 5?

My Date With Sean Penn

The Return of Rev. Wright?

Good and Bad Bets on Housing

McCain's Brother Calls 911

End of Web 2.0

Cruise Ends Feud at Matt Lauer Roast

A Chance for the Long Shots

Babs Challenges Elisabeth on Palin

Body Found in Hudson Van

Wassup 2008

Bad News, Darling, We're Broke

hasselbeck introduces palin

McCain's Senior Moment

Charlie Rose Krugman Interview

Kids Political Rap

Schwarzenegger: Palin will get to be qualified

Breakdancing Candidates

michael moore on larry king

Jennifer Hudson's Tragic Homecoming

The Oprah School on Trial

Sarah Palin's a Brainiac

The Man Without a Face

Two Men Blind to History

Straight to Video

My Brush With Rush

Why Obama Staffers Are Secretly Worried, and Other Dispatches from the Campaign Trail

5 Must-Read Blog Posts

The "Oprah" Trial: A History

Partying with George Plimpton

In Defense of McCain's Campaign

Charlie Rose Krugman on Lehman Bros

Dad Just Moved In and He's Driving Me Insane

How Old Hickory Haunts the Election

$400 hair cut vs $150000 wardrobe

Biden talks to child

BFS Turncoats McClellan Endorces Obama

Nader: I Accuse Barack Obama Of Antisemitism Against Arabs


Obama's Shocking Cabinet Selections Leak

Sarah Palin Film Re-enacted: Ricky Gervais & Thandie Newton


The Week in Rage

palin on nightly news talks about feminism

Obama's Cabinet

New Cheesy Clips From Flynt's Paylin Outrage—With Guest Stars "Hillary" and "Condi"

Nailin' Paylin SNOWMOBILE SHOP Scene

The Right-Wing Primal Scream

A Letter Found Taped to Mailboxes in Suburban Wisconsin

More Scoop on How Palin Got Picked

081023 rush on palin's clothes

081023 snl electoral map

Limits of a First Term

The Meltdown Thumps the Magician Bruce Wasserstein

The Best Gadgets Money Can't Buy

28,000 X Chromosomes Strong

Wall Street 2: The Original Version

newt tells greta palin should sue snl

Robert Polidori

new anti-obama ad

If I Did It

Greenspan on Financial Crisis

The Secret Swiftboaters

Palin Fashion

Controversial McCain POW Footage

How The G7 Lost Its Mojo

access hollywood tackles incest

Soothsayers of Silicon Valley

Rove on How McCain Can Win

The Alaska Governor's Online Serenades

Radiohead Cashes In

The Next 'Juno'? This Year's Indie Underdog

If Heels Could Kill

Why The Right Should Leave FDR Alone

Why Are More Boomers Killing Themselves?

Al-Qaeda for McCain?

The Gaffe-termath of Political Slips

Obama dances on Ellen








High Heels







Colbert on Acorn

Muslims Confront McCain Extremists

Cruise Steals Katie's Limelight

The Man Who Helped Drive Powell Away From His Party

Hollywood Brokers Mideast Peace

When Did 'Sperm Washing' Replace Disco Dates?

A Disaster Worse Than Katrina

Big Woman on Campus

Oscar Talk?






Paulson's Puzzling New Strategy: Save the Rainforests

palin hits biden cnn

Obama Buries ACORN

It Didn't Work In Japan and It Won't Here Either

Jon Stewart on Real America

Palin's Second Act

Limbaugh Slams Buckley

Hey, Yahoo, It's Time to Grow Up

The Pessimists' Party

The Red Hot Christian Blockbuster

A Famed Private Equity Guru on How Long the Pain Will Last

Thandie Nails Condi

How My Little Slice of Heaven Became My Toddler's Hell

The Lost Madonna Tapes

An Evening of Bush Bashing with Scowcroft and Brzezinski

The Blood Sport of Picking Off CEOs

It Must Be Stopped!

Aloe Toilet Paper and Other Corners You Shouldn't Cut

Powell's Lost Cause

whoopi primary

mccain robo call

Democrats Are About to Spend, Spend, Spend - But It Won't Help Much

Stop Panicking and Let the Bailouts Work

Billy Elliot's Trip To Broadway

Powell at UN

'Go Round the Back'

Lost Madonna Tapes

Electing a Punch Line

A $125 Billion (Taxpayer) Gamble

How John McCain Blew It With Women

She's Actually Smart

Torrid Affairs at the Getty Museum

Powell Backs Obama

Colin Powell Endorses Obama

The New Disaster at Lehman

The Five Financial Gurus You Can Still Trust

I'm Not The Sort of Man Who Goes To Prostitutes

Baseball's Greatest Comebacks







Wahlberg on Kimmel

McCain Missed a Trick

Letterman Corners McCain

Madonna's New Movie Salutes...Madonna!

McCain's Comedy Comeback

Hitler's Private Library: An Excerpt

When Markets Fall, So Do the Big Swinging Dicks

My W and Oliver Stone's

McCain and Obama at Al Smith Dinner Highlights

Santogold Redefines What Black Music Can Be

Hitler's Bedtime Reading

Quit Helping Small Business

The Week in Polls

The Other Joes Lawyer Up

Why Iraq Hates Biden

michelle obama on cbs morning

The Expose on PBS' Torture Expose

Deconstructing the CNN Reaction Meter

Moms, Including Michelle, Spin the Debate Online

angelina on today show

The Next Nightmare: Global Recession

dennis miller pro-mccain rant

Post Debate Wrap

Blues in Slow Motion

John the Plumber v. Barry the Crooner

The ‘Real’ McCain

joe the plumber speaks to couric

How To Think Like John McCain

Gamblers Take Note

Trading Places

Creepy Feeling

It’s over. Obama won.

Where Google Crushes the iPhone

How Much Will Goldman Sachs Give Out In Bonuses?

How Much Paramount Lost In Its Deal with Spielberg

Dear Undecided Voters, Make Up Your Freaking Minds

Video Blog

mccain says little jerk to student

mccain on snl

mccain on falwell

mccain on daily show

McCain on Conan

McCain Comedy Tour

Memo to Bloomberg's New CEO of Multimedia

How McCain Got Caught in His Own Vicious Cycle

McCain's Auntie Says "He's Losing"

Why Madge Got Bored

Jessie Klein Loves David Gergen

Breadline Chic

Resolved: Sarah Palin Is Not Andrew Jackson

rush limbaugh interview sarah palin

The Booker Prize's Passage to India

Bill Ayers Fan Club

McCain Battles the Camera

I'm in Love With David Gergen

Last Chance to Make History

The Girl Can Act

Top Nine Shameless Celebrity Election Videos

081014 Chris Buckley on Hardball

081013 richard lewis rants about palin

Buckley Bows Out of National Review


10 Ways to Avoid Hipster Baby Names

The Harm FDR Did

Better Lucky Than Smart

Tom Brokaw on McCain Campaign -- Hardball

Jon Stewart on CNBC DecaBox

New Deal Projects

Did PBS Bury an Expose on Torture?

Why Sarah Silverman Sucks

How Palin Will Change the GOP

'Return to the War Room' Reminded Me How I Learned to Beat Republicans

Why Sarkozy Is Smarter Than Bernanke

Dear Sarah, I Can Relate

Did The Palin Administration Exclude Blacks?

Blumenthal Alaska and Black Community Documentary

Biden on Hardball Says McCain Will Regret Attacks

Palin and Alaska's Black Community

Enlightened Conversation: Axelrod

Paul Krugman Big Think on Handouts


Huckabee Floats Economic Terrorism Theory

Bring Back Rev. Wright

Momentous Monday

Martin Scorsese on a New Film That Reinvents the Mob Movie

Let Them Wear Diesel Jeans

A Democrat In Defense of Sarah Palin

How the Media Betrayed McCain

What to Tell the Children?

A Shock for Arab-Americans

The Unlikely Hero

JonBenet Ramsey: John Ramsey Has Lingering Suspicions in His Daughter’s Infamous Murder

The Star-Crossed Hamlet

Washington in Victory

Slim Aarons Photography: Summer's Simple Pleasures

Chris Rock Mocks OJ on 'Oprah'

Palin's Pastor Problem

Meet the Bushes

The Week in Apologies


Old Bush Ad

What Obama and McCain Can Learn From FDR

Are We There Yet?

081009 Sarah Silverman on Olbermann

The Trillion Dollar Question

Daily Show Explains Fox News

The Other Market Casualty


How America's Bailout Blew It

Palin's Talent Scout

Sorry, Dad, I'm Voting for Obama

Meltdown on the Message Boards

New Footage From Inside Palin's Church

Paulson's Eleven

Al-Manar Cartoon

Jangling Nerves on Wall Street

The Politics of Michelle Obama's Hair

The Girl Effect

Nobel writer puzzles American authors

FOX News Arron Tippin Drill Here Drill Now

A Writer’s Secret Life, Part II

American Nobel Winners

If He Had to be French...

CBS Morning -- Crowley on Obama Lead

Michelle Obama on Daily Show

Fidel the Blogger

Kanye's Haunting New Love Song

The Guy Who's Got $700 Billion of Your Money

At the Craps Tables With John McCain

Life With 6 Kids, 20 Finches, and a Franken-tortoise


Spielberg Comes Home to Universal

The Star Pundits of YouTube

Whoopie slams AIG

Randy Pausch Keeps Talking

081007 Chris Matthews Goes Nuts On McCain Flack

What McCain Was Really Saying

The Baader Meinhof Komplex Trailer

The Exceedingly Normal Debate

Daily Show Oliver Piece on Undecideds

McCain's Poignant Valedictory

It's The Depression, Stupid

Not Bad For a 72-Year-Old

McCain Calls Obama "That One"

For This I Microwaved Popcorn?

Why Madison Avenue Is Over

McCain Never Called Himself A Hero

Does Goldman Sachs Really Rule the World?

Terrorist Chic

Rourke's Resurrection

A Writer's Secret Life

Pointing a Finger at the Press

BFS Cramer Video

BFS Steve Jobs

Oliver Stone on Larry King

Even the Smart Guys Don’t Understand the Meltdown

NBC Today Show Chuck Todd Landslide Obama?

The Money Trail

Tony Blair on the Bailout

McCain at War with His Own Party

Weekend Eye

Has Sarah Palin Put a Target on Obama?

Sarah Vowell on Letterman

Cramer's Panics, Unpanics

Iceland Crisis: Panic Spreads

Why India Loves Bush

Spielberg's List

The Race Factor

Iran's Secret Bargain With Bush?

Why My Former Hero Shouldn’t Be President

Behind the Glow

Behind the Glow



Wall Street After the Apocalypse

CNN Reporter Confronts Lehman CEO



The Enablers


Life On The Run

"Bastard Americans"

Anti-Depressant Nation

Palin vs. The Power Girls

First Peek: Jeremy Piven Debuts On Broadway

When exactly did John McCain become Mad Max?

"The Blood Sporting of Picking Off CEOs"

Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?

Not So Secret Apple

What Fresh Hell Is This?

The Fire-Bombed Book

Q and A with Tina Brown

Obama's Panic Problems


Offensive Obama Cartoon Gallery