Sony CEO Wants to Show ‘The Interview’

In response to President Obama’s remark that Sony “made a mistake” in pulling The Interview from theaters, Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton told CNN on Friday that “we have not caved. We have not given in. We have persevered and we have not backed down.” He explained that the studio “had no alternative” but to cancel The Interview’s planned Dec. 25 theatrical release because “movie theaters came to us one by one and announced that they would not carry the movie.” He added that the hack is the “worst cyberattack in American history,” but insisted that Sony “would still like the public to see this movie. Absolutely.”

Later on Friday afternoon, Lynton told NPR’s All Things Considered that Sony would like to make The Interview available digitally, but “we need partners.” He said he has spoken with Seth Rogen and they “were in this decision together.” He added that Sony was actually “extremely well-prepared for conventional cyberattacks—most companies would have had the same vulnerabilites.”