Tattooed Barbie Sparks Outcry

A new Barbie doll featuring body tattoos is stirring up controversy for the toy-maker Mattel. It’s made by Italian designer Simone Legno, who is behind the “tokidoki” fashion line. Tattoos ink her left arm, chest and neck, and she sports a pink wig, leopard leggings, miniskirt, black heart-and-bones T-shirt, and silver stilettos. The Barbie Collector website said it’s for adult collectors, but commenters say the figure will suggest to children that tattoos are cool. “Mattel why not put a cigarette and a beer bottle in her hand while you're at it!" a blog writer said. The tokidoki Barbie is selling for $50 with only 7,400 produced. Mattel is no stranger to controversial Barbies, including Oreo Barbie and Pregnant Midge.