USS Hornet Wreckage Discovered in Pacific Ocean

The wreckage of the USS Hornet—the aircraft carrier that played a crucial role for the Allies in World War II—was discovered in January by a research vessel, CBS News reports Tuesday. In April 1942, the Hornet launched 16 B25B-bombers for the famous Doolittle Raid on Tokyo, an endeavor that demonstrated the vulnerability of mainland Japan, boosted morale among American forces, and is widely credited as a key point in the war’s Pacific theater. The ship also participated in the Battle of Midway, a decisive win for America and its allies. It was sunk months later during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, and was the last U.S. fleet carrier to ever be sunk by enemy forces. The Hornet’s remains were found 17,000 feet deep in the South Pacific, near the Solomon Islands, by the research vessel Petrel.