Vatican’s French Ambassador Under Investigation for ‘Sexual Aggression’

The Vatican’s ambassador to France, Father Luigi Ventura, an Italian, is under investigation for sexually molesting a young male diocese employee on Jan. 17, the Associated Press reports. The alleged assault took place at Paris’s City Hall during a “ceremony of wishes” event. Le Monde reported Friday that Ventura may face charges of sexual aggression. Ventura has been the Vatican’s top representative in France since 2009. In 2017, Luigi recommended to the Vatican that Father Hervé Gaschignard, 57, from Saint-Nazaire, resign from his clerical post due to credible allegations of clerical sex abuse, according to the website Bishop Accountability, which keeps tabs on errant clerics. These are the first known allegations against Ventura. A Parisian court will decide whether the high-level prelate will be charged in connection to the allegations.