Video of Florida Cop Dragging Black Woman to the Ground Sparks Investigation

A Florida police officer has been let go after he was caught on video dragging a black woman to the ground and forcibly arresting her. The woman, Dyma Loving, had called 911 to report that her neighbor had allegedly pulled a gun on her. The video begins with Loving telling officers that someone just threatened her life. As Loving talks to Officer Alejandro Giraldo, he grabs her by the arm and appears to push her against a fence. “Do not touch me,” Loving shouts as a second officer grabs her other arm. “Record this. Do not touch me.” Giraldo then puts his arm around Loving’s head and drags her on the ground. The officers hold Loving down as she is placed in handcuffs. “I wanted to call my kid,” Loving says in the video. “I just said I wanted to call my kid... What do you not understand? I had a gun pointed in front of me... I need to go call my children. I don’t understand.” Loving was taken to jail and later released.