Vienna will host Cy Twombly retrospective

An exhibition of the works of American artist Cy Twombly opens Wednesday at the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna, including roughly 200 drawings, paintings, sculptures, collages and photos. The show, entitled “Sensations of the Moment,” is one of the museum’s most expensive (some pieces cost between $5 million-$15 million) and will feature works from throughout Twombly’s 50-year career as an abstract expressionist, during which he became famous for his use of the color white, writing, collage, and, light in photographs. Many of the photos are on display for the first time, including one of Robert Rauschenberg’s atelier. Twombly is notorious for rarely giving interviews or making appearances; the show’s curator, Achim Hochdoerfer, admitted that Twombly is currently in Vienna but kept mum on whether he’d be at Wednesday’s opening.