Violence Forced 10 Million More People From Their Homes in 2018, Says Report

Conflict forced more than 10 million additional people to leave their homes and live in other parts of their country in 2018—bringing the total number of so-called internally displaced people due to violence to a record high of 41 million, an all-time high. The numbers come from a new report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). The most-affected populations came from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Nigeria, according to the study. Among those, 6.1 million are displaced within Syria. “It is really a mind-boggling figure,” said NRC Chief Jan Egeland. “It takes extreme violence and fear of disasters to force a family out of their home, their land, their property, their community.” If the number of people displaced from their homes by natural disasters is included, a total of 28 million people were displaced internally in 2018, according to the figures from the report.