Ex-Farenthold Aide Alleges Verbal Abuse, Sexual Harassment

A former aide to Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) came forward on Wednesday to allege serial verbal abuse and sexual harassment on the part of the Texas congressman. According to Michael Rekola, who served as Farenthold’s communications director in 2015, Farenthold would often make sex-related jokes and berate his staffers, something that caused Rekola to “vomit daily” and seek counseling, according to CNN. In one instance, Farenthold allegedly told Rekola before his wedding: “Better have your fiancée blow you before she walks down the aisle—it will be the last time.” Rekola also alleges that Farenthold regularly called staffers “fucktards” and lashed out at them. Farenthold denied making the remark about Rekola’s wedding but admitted to calling his aides “fucktards” in a joking manner.