Fox News Host: Migrant Caravan Looks ‘More Like an Invasion Than Anything Else’

Fox & Friends guest co-host Pete Hegseth echoed President Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric on the morning show Friday, claiming the caravan of Central American migrants seeking asylum in the United States “looks a lot more like an invasion than anything else.” “‘Influx’ is one word for it,” Hegseth said. “But, when you see a lot of young men carrying the flag of their country to your country to break your laws, it looks a lot more like an invasion than anything else. And that’s not—I’m not saying that in military terms or anything. But, you understand, you don’t know what their intentions are, you don’t know who these folks are.” He added that “this president has said from the beginning, I don’t want—our policies are dumb. Remember when he said that on the campaign trail? ‘We have dumb laws.’ This is what he’s trying to address and get at, and it happens to be right here during the midterms where it draws an even starker comparison.” Hegseth’s statement comes as Trump said he’s considering sending as many as 15,000 U.S. troops to the border ahead of the caravan’s arrival, which is likely still weeks away.