French Breast Implant Maker Jailed

Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of French medical-device company PIP, was sentenced Tuesday to four years in jail for allegedly distributing faulty breast implants. About 300,000 women in 65 countries have received PIP implants, with about half going to Latin America. The U.S. did not sell the implants. The company was found to have used substandard silicone gel in the implants, causing many to rupture. More than 5,000 women were registered as plaintiffs in the case against Mas, making it one of the biggest legal complaints in French history. Mas, 74, showed no emotion as his verdict was read, although he denied that the silicone was harmful throughout his trial. Four other PIP executives were also convicted, but were given lesser sentences. All but one of the defendants swore they had been unaware of the risks of using the substandard gel.