Cabinet Moves

Gates Will Be Obama’s Man at Defense

At least one member of the Bush administration is sticking around after January 20: Defense Secretary Robert Gates will stay in that role for “at least the first year of the Obama administration,” ABC News’ Jake Tapper and Martha Raddatz report. Says a source: “It’s a done deal.” But there’s no need to go around howling “team of rivals” with Gates—he’s a registered independent, though he’s served in a number of Republican administrations. Famously appointed by Bush to replace Rummy after the ruinous 2006 midterm elections and carnage in Iraq, Gates also served as CIA director under Papa Bush and wanted to stay on after 1992, though Clinton canned him. Gates’ formal appointment is expected to be announced after Thanksgiving weekend. The full Obama national security team, ABC reports, will include Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, General Jim Jones as national security adviser, Admiral Dennis Blair as director of national intelligence, and Susan Rice as US ambassador to the UN.