Houston Police Chief on 11-Year-Old’s Deportation: ‘Nazis Enforced Their Laws as Well’

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo criticized the deportation order of an 11-year-old El Salvadorian girl, writing that “Nazis enforced their laws as well.” “This is heart-wrenching. 1,000 points of light? Family values? American values? Judeo-Christian values? If you’re a person of faith, speak out. WWJD [What Would Jesus Do]? Eleven-year-old ordered deported without her family,” Acevedo wrote while sharing the story of Laura Maradiaga, who was ordered to be deported without her family after she missed her court date. “The Nazis enforced their laws as well. You don’t separate children from their families! Ever! You’d have to kill me to take my child from me simply because I was trying to get them to a better place for a better tomorrow. I am glad to be on the right side of history.” He also advocated for deporting families as a “unit” in order to keep them together.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Maradiaga’s mother was given the removal order after Laura missed her court date. The family’s lawyer reportedly claimed that it was the fault of immigration officials, who did not have Laura’s name listed on the docket when the rest of her family made their court appearances. “I don’t want to leave my mom,” Laura told the newspaper Thursday. “I want to stay with her.” The attorney said Laura’s family will file a motion to re-open her case.