Kushner Repeatedly Refuses to Say if Trump Birtherism Was Racist in Interview

Jared Kushner says Donald Trump is not racist—but he repeatedly refused to say whether his father-in-law’s false claim that President Obama was born outside the U.S. was racist. Kushner looked increasingly uncomfortable as he was pressed during an Axios on HBO interview. After Kushner said he had never seen Trump do or say anything racist, Axios’ Jonathan Swan asked him: “Was birtherism racist?" Kushner replied, “Look, I wasn’t really involved in that.” Swan did not let it go. “I know you weren’t. Was it racist?” he pressed. Kushner tried to deflect that follow-up and two others with the same answer. “Look, I know who the president is and I have not seen anything in him that was racist,” he said. “So again, I was not involved in that.”