Man Accused of Igniting California Wildfire Spread Alt-Right Conspiracy Theories

A suspected arsonist who was arrested in connection with one of California’s many raging wildfires promoted Alex Jones theories and a series of other right-wing conspiracies on his personal Facebook page, according to a Friday report from ThinkProgress. The Facebook posts, initially discovered and posted by a Forbes reporter, reveal 51-year-old Forrest Gordon Clark’s fascination with conspiracy theories including the now-infamous QAnon, and the lesser-known Agenda 21. None of the theories, however, connected directly to Clark’s alleged crime. He stands accused of starting California’s Holy Fire, which has burned through more than 18,000 acres and displaced 20,000 residents since it began on Monday. According to The Washington Post, Clark texted a local firefighter in the days before the blaze began, allegedly threatening that the region would “burn just like we planned.” After his Wednesday arrest, Clark is being held on $1 million bond.