Nadler Vows ‘Major Hearings’ With Barr, Mueller, Others

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said the day after the Mueller report’s release that he will hold televised hearings on President Trump’s alleged misconduct in office before considering impeachment. “We will have major hearings,” Nadler told WNYC. “Barr and Mueller are just the first. We will call many other people, we’ll see who they are.” Nadler has asked the attorney general and special counsel to testify next month. When asked if he was considering charging Trump in Congress, Nadler was noncommittal. “The idea is not whether to debate articles of impeachment,” he said. “The idea is to find out exactly what went on, who did what, what institutional safeguards were gotten around and how they were gotten around, and then decide what to do about it.” Nadler subpoenaed Barr for the un-redacted Mueller report and underlying evidence on Friday.