Oval Office

Obama Knocks Hillary VP Rumors

Looks like Hillary Clinton will have to fend for herself in 2012. While President Obama hinted that he will be seeking re-election today, the Commander-in-Chief dismissed rumors that he would replace Vice President Joe Biden with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on his 2012 ticket. “Completely unfounded. Completely unfounded,” Obama told National Journal in an exclusive interview. “They are both doing outstanding jobs where they are.” As far as re-election in 2012 is concerned, Obama said, “Obviously, I haven’t made any formal decision, but I feel like I’ve got a lot of work left to do.” When told that his response sounded like he was confirming a 2012 presidential run, Obama nodded, and, according to National Journal, broadly smiled. “Take it as you will,” said Obama, laughing. Although Obama did not address who he thought would emerge victorious following the midterm elections, he did say that angry voters “want people in Washington to act like grown-ups, cooperate, and start trying to solve problems instead of scoring political points.”