Republicans Discover Saul Alinsky

The left's protest tactics helped end the Vietnam War and segregation, and the right has finally caught on. Politico reports that conservatives are taking a page from the liberal playbook by organizing tea parties and other demonstrations where protesters show up with signs like the abortion-rights slogan "Keep your laws off my body." The Sept. 12 taxpayer "March on DC" even had a poster reminiscent of the labor, communist and black power movements that participants objected to until discovering that designers were aiming for that effect. Rules for Radicals, the 1971 book written by Chicago community organizer Saul Alinksy, has been in Amazon's top 100 sellers for the last month, bought by people who "also bought" tomes by Michelle Malkin and Glenn Beck. The press secretary for FreedomWorks, which organized the Sept 12 march even said, "we're trying to borrow some from the Civil Rights movement," and owned that FreedomWorks is handing out copies of Alinsky's book in the office. What's unclear is how long it will take conservatives to break out the acid and start organizing jam-band concerts.