Sen. Van Hollen on Comey Firing: Rosenstein ‘Was Used’

The Maryland senator who introduced Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during his confirmation hearing says he believes the White House used the DOJ official for political reasons during the course of firing FBI Director James Comey. Sen. Chris Van Hollen had recommended Rosenstein for his post, but after reading the DOJ official’s letter to the president on Tuesday about the dismissal, he says he’s “disappointed.” “It appears that he was used by the White House for the political purpose of firing an FBI director who was conducting an investigation into collusion between the White House and the Russians,” the Democrat wrote. “I read his letter, and to me, it did not pass the credibility test.” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he would recuse himself from the Russia probe, meaning Rosenstein is now the highest-ranking member of the Justice Department involved in the investigation into Moscow’s alleged election meddling. “This is all about the timing, and the timing of this really smells,” Van Hollen said.