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Articles April 2009

Reunited Bands: Pink Floyd

Reunited Bands: The Cure

Reunited Bands: BSB

Reunited Bands: Journey

Reunited Bands: NKOTB

Reunited Bands: Guns N Roses

Reunited Bands: Fugees

Reunited Bands: The Pixies

Reunited Bands: Jackson 5

Reunited Bands: Spice Girls

Reunited Bands: The Police

The Playboy Running Pakistan

The GOP's Worst Medicine

New DHS Memo Revealed

Synonyms For... Love

Writers of the World Unite

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Body

What the World Is Reading

Rep. Foxx on Hate Crimes

Biden: Don't Take the Train!

Tilda Swinton

Obama: Waterboarding is Torture

Wall Street's Bonus Addiction

Obama's Knockout Press Conference

Michael Steele Discusses Arlen Specter

The Best of Brit Lit

Obama's Big Night

Obama Press Blog - 30 Points

Obama Press Blog - Twitter

Secrets of Two Iraq Wars

Sex Scandal for the History Books

College Can Wait…And Wait

Hollywood's Exquisite Alien

Did the Porn Biz Kill Them?

Wash Hands

No Run Auto Ind

Over on Fox

Obama Humbled and Enchanted

Letting Their Voices Be Heard

Arlen, You Let Me Down

Africa's Surprise Success Story

President Obama's First 100 Days Address

Michael Douglas on Ellen

Pregnant Without a Bump

Face Mask Chic: The New Fashion Rage?

Cliff May on Torture

The Looming Backlash

The Power of Michelle

Arlen Specter's Role Model Speaks


Bear Stearns' $2 Million Harassment Payout

Kathie Lee Mad at People

Prosecution of Bush Six Back On

Michelle's First 100 Days

Obama as Muhammad Ali

Managing the Press

God Loves Obama

Specter's Press Conference

Daily Show's Serious Conversation

Max Blumenthal Gun Show Nation

Limbaugh: So Long, Specter

The Muses Worthy of a Museum

Pro-Guns, Anti-Obama

Shopping Showdown at High Noon

Pulp Fiction, With a Poet's Touch

The Pop Star Machine

Islam's Sex Licenses

Will Obama Stumble Like Ford?

Chelsea Handler: Leno's Naughty Rival

Will Specter Be the Last to Go?

Fashion Muses

100 Days Report Card

Bringing America Along for the Ride

The Politics of Niceness

Grade: Incomplete

Cheer Up, Liberals

Substance Over Style

Thanks for Playing Nice

A Clinton Convert Speaks

100 Days of Paranoia

Don't Let Me Down, Obama!

The Long Slog

Lay Off, Republicans

Nancy Pelosi on Specter Switch

Shepard Smith and the Semi Truck

FBI Employee Faints at Obama Speech

Republicans Acting Like Swine

Specter's Shocking Defection

Bank of America Smackdown!

Arlen Specter Switches Parties

Designing Models

Australia Fashion Week

Thin Australian Model Defends Body

Rush Angry with David Brooks

The Next Global Panic

World of Wonders

Napolitano on Swine Flu

Captain Phillips on Today Show

Flu's Biggest Victim

Tom Robbins Meets the Beer Fairy

Wall Street's New Top Cop

James Patterson's Bestselling Classics

The Crimes of Guantánamo

The Daily Beast Recommends

Obama's Bipartisan Triumphs

Tribeca's Sexiest Films

The Myth of Online Predators

Hollywood's Desperate Deal

Glenn Beck's Swine Flu Conspiracy Theory

Book Beast - NYPL - Boom Culture

Gupta: 'Controlled Chaos' in Mexico City

The Quake at Condé Nast

Book Beast - McInerney on Short Stories

The First 100 Days of PDA

Jim Cramer Flip Flops on Geithner

City on Fire: Coatesville

The First Ladies of Africa Make History

Is the Pope Softening on Divorce?

Joan Rivers Flips Out

Who's Murdering the Prostitutes of Albuquerque?

Busting the Torture Myths

Obama on Swine Flu

Swine Flu: Don't Panic Yet

The Accidental Radical

Joe: Obama Makes No Apologies

Teach Your Kids How to Drink

Christopher Buckley on Thank You for Smoking and Supreme Courtship

Will Israel Cease to Exist?

My Friend Iron Mike

Still in a League of Her Own

Stop Funding My Failing State

Dick Cheney's Torture Hypocrisy

Geena Davis - Commander in Chief Speech

BFS- Africanized Bees

My Other Mom and Pop

Bush to be Prosecuted for Torture?

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Jamie Foxx on Becoming Nathaniel Ayers

Gladwell on How to Improve Education

Woodward on Obama's 100 Days

Gibbs on Obama's 100 Days

The Obama Generation

McCain on Torture Memos

Lawrence Summers Explains Sleeping

Ahmadinejad Turns Tables on Stephanopoulos

Behind Obama's 100-Day PR Strategy

A Sex Worker’s Guide to Craigslist

Why Many Chinese Don't Want Freedom

Why Obama Is in Denial

Twain's Conversations with Satan

Obama Opens Suggestion Box

Trailer: The Soloist

Brian Williams on 30 Rock

Tribeca: Fixer

Tribeca: In the Loop

Tribeca: Girlfriend Experience

Tribeca: Exploding Girl

Tribeca: American Casino

Mike Tyson on Charlie Rose

Inappropriate Yawns

Blago Flies

Shep Smith, Man of Anger

Hollywood's Stalker Fetish

Amanda Knox's Bloody Footprint?

The Recession's Infomercial Boom

9 Most Obsessed Female Movie Characters

Obama's Seinfeld Doctrine

Shep Smith: Naomi Wolf

Shep Smith: Blago

Shep Smith: Alarms

Shep Smith: AIG

Shep Smith: Blowjob

Shep Smith: Emailers

Shep Smith: FBomb

Shep Smith: Media Bias

Barton and Gore Clash on Climate Change

The Week in Celebrity: Fashion Edition

Tyson Movie Trailer

Yale's Conspiracy of Silence

The Bailout is Costing You $42,100

Obama Gearing Up to Battle for Loan Reform

Tribeca: Kobe Doin Work

Vintage Susan Boyle

McCain on Torture Memos

World's Tiniest Weightlifter

Beyonce: I've Experienced Racism

Michelle on Bo Obama

The Government of Pakistan Needs to Step Up

Lesley Stahl Perplexed by O'Reilly

TARP Coverup

How Obama Could Blow It

The Original Bernie Madoff

The Diet That Shrinks Smarty Pants

The Ultimate Hollywood Deal

Republicans vs. the Environment

Bloody Brilliant

Liz Cheney Speaks Out

Was Madoff 'Victim' and Best Friend an Accomplice?

Craziest Women: 101 Dalmatians

Craziest Women: Sunset Boulevard

Craziest Women: Carrie

Craziest Women: Mommie Dearest

Craziest Women: Play Misty For Me

Craziest Women: Fatal Attraction

Craziest Women: Misery

Craziest Women: Basic Instinct

Craziest Women: Single White Female

The First 100 Outfits

Lindsay Didn't Know She Was Dumped

Barney Frank Trashes Limbaugh

Obama Talks Credit Cards

Exclusive: Craigslist Rapist, Too? DNA Examined

Meghan McCain on The View

McCain: Cheney, You're Over

Photo Awards

Auletta and Cohan Discuss Greed and Geithner

No Kids for Meghan

Colbert Teases Ira Glass

Blago's Reality Delusions

The Unstoppable Gandhi

Dr. Phil Questions Madonna

Creepy Questions for Levi

Obama's $100 Million Question

Shep Smith Curses on Air

Deadly Good Looks?

Tomas Maier on Creative Collaboration

Best of Brit Lit

The Ethical Slut Returns

The Katrina Horror Story You Haven't Heard

What Haunted Freddie's CFO?

New Torture Report Details Bushies' Role

Serving Under the Army's Most Ruthless Soldier

Glenn Beck Celebrates Earth Day

The Police Were Warned About Melissa Huckaby

Ugly Ducklings

Pakistan Responds to Clinton Comment

Plane Emergency Landing

Ashley Dupré in Exile

Billy Bob's Non-Mea Culpa

I.F. Stone Was No Spy

The Taliban's Nuclear Threat

What’s in the Fabloids

Hillary Fires Back at Cheney

Fox News: The Next Generation

Madonna, My Neighbor

Freddie Suicide: Tragic Trend

Cheney: Obama Economics 'Devestating'

Jackman's Son: Ladies' Boy

America's Surliest Pundit

Britain's Got Talent - Shaheen

Iranian President on Saberi

The Earthiest Fashion on Earth

Give Me Shopping or Give Me Death!

Marc Jacobs' New Muse

A Very Nice Witch

Not So Wicked

What's Your Green IQ?

How Susan Boyle's Rival Won Me Over

Obama v. the Justice Department

Hands Off the CIA

My Call to Arms

Get to Know Obama's Czars

Romney Slams 'Timid' Obama

The High Life of Daisy Lowe


Kevin Spacey on the Arts

Obama's Call to Service

Baby Bumps on TV

The Inside Scoop on Mel Gibson's Russian Doll

Aslan on Terrorism

Gonzales' New Coverup

My Husband's Recovery—and Mine

Perez Defends MIss USA Question

Cheney on Torture Policy

Cheney on Torture Policy

Melissa Huckaby's Other Victim

Tori Spelling's Mommy Issues

How Male Bisexuality Got Cool

The Daily Beast Recommends

Paul Begala's Book Candidates

Questions for Obama's Car Czar

'Slumdog' Crisis: Why Is Hollywood So Cheap?

To the Queen, on Her 83rd Birthday

Turning Politics Into Cash

Should the Judge Who Wrote the Torture Memos Be Impeached?

Israel's Private Shame

Bin Laden's Recruiting Strategy

Obama's Frenemies

Lee Woodruff on 'Perfectly Imperfect'

Snuggie Bar Crawl

Obama Talks to CIA

The 2009 Pulitzer Prize Winners

Christopher Buckley on BookTV

Madoff: The Movie

Perez Hilton Questions Miss California

The View Saves Lives

Top 9 Moments From Miss USA

Miss USA Twitter

UN Walkout

Keenan Thompson Questions Miss Arizona

Former MIss USA Speaks

Beauty Pageant Goes Green

Miss USA's Dancing Fools

Kelly Monaco Wants a Role Model

Miss USA's Miss Congeniality

Miss Arizona Shows Off Dress

Drew Barrymore Talks 'Grey Gardens'

Fortune 500's Biggest Losers

Hayden: CIA Agents Playing Back from the Line

Mothers, Daughters, and Food

The Patriotic Stripper

Torture Doesn't Work

Karl Rove, Twitter Creep

The Times Has It Wrong on Obama

Boyle and the Invisible Women

Was Melissa Huckaby Raped?

Elie Wiesel's Great Regret

America Should Decriminalize Drugs

Boehner on Cows and Carbon Dioxide

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Napolitano Clarifies Veterans Report

Cox Defends Teabagging

Rahm Emanuel on Prosecution for Torture Policy

David Axelrod on Texas and Teabags

Summers on Krugman's Cautions

Sam Donaldson to Castro: Did You Do It?

O'Neil on Cuba

Obama's Environmental Disaster

Inside the Obama Family PR Machine

The Original Power Couple

Arrested Development Meets Saturday Night Live

Enough With the Torture Sanctimony

Revenge of the RINOs

Obama: 'No Sacred Cows'

Summers and Gibbs on Panama Banks

Susan Boyle's Encore

The Female 'Schindler'

Michael Emerson Reads Little Boy Blue

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Culberson on Texas Secession

Bob Barker's Book Showcase

Ali the Race Exploiter

Grey Gardens

Stop Hating on Madoff Victims

The Torture Problem Is Going to Get Worse

Obama: New Beginning with Cuba

Will They Be Prosecuted?

Captain Phillips Returns to Vermont

Oprah's First Tweet

Dylan, Sunny Side Up

Grateful Dead to Save Economy?

The Week in Celebrity

Scarborough Talks Zbig

Switcheroo Films

Hollywood Homewreckers

Affleck on Newspapers

Rush Had No Fun At Tea Party

Flying While Overweight

What's in the Torture Memos

Late Night Patriotism

How Obama Excused Torture

What's Next? Gay Divorce

Is Being 17 Really So Cool?

Give Ted Stevens His Seat Back

How to Win the War on Terror

Cambodia's New War

Glenn Beck Has A Dream

Does Research Really Need Human Embryos and Cloning?

The Right Embraces Al Gore

The Will to Disbelieve

American Idol Makeovers

How Susan Boyle Won My Heart

Obama in Mexico

Suzy Welch's Decision-Making Secrets

Ben Affleck Does Freeman

Book Beast: Steve Harvey

Sarah, You Blew It

Chenoweth Clears the AIr

The Sexual Revolutionary

Suzy Welch Dishes

Pete King Will Fight For You

CNN's Anti-Fox Comments

New Hope for the Bush Six

Jindal Hedges Presidential Questions

Drew Barrymore on David Letterman

Colbert's Aaron Schock Interview

The GOP Revolt

Obama's Demented Drug Policy

Queenpins of the Drug Cartels

Do Women Rape?

Was I Born Anorexic?

Heidi Harris on 'Right-Wing Extremism'

Glenn Beck's 'Evita Moment'

What's in the Fabloids

Questions for New Archbishop

The Mystery of Melissa Huckaby

The Era of High Profits Is Over

Bring On the First Dog Controversies!

The View on Susan Boyle

Dave and Kelly on Marriage

Release the Memos

Hollywood's Loosest Cannon

Romer on What to Watch

Jamie Foxx's Near Crash

Is Paris Hilton Killing Science?

The Most Dangerous Novel in America?

A Gift From the IRS?

My Odyssey Into Extreme Dermatology

A Gossip Girl's Pregnancy Triumph

9 Great Celebrity Comebacks

Wesley Clark's Folly

Prediction: Taliban Will Cave

Tax Day Rip-Off

Right-Wing Becklash

Gay Lovers in Exile

Will Leno Be Funnier at 10?

Oscar De La Hoya Retires

Bo Arrives at White House

Jenny McCarthy on Jim Carrey as Curly

Regis: Bitter Much?

Obama Defends TARP

Mature Models

Tax Return Fashion

Kathie Lee Overshares

Moving Forward With Pirates

McCain on GOP, Obama

Shuster Slams Tea Bagging GOP

Love in the Time of iPod

The Daily Beast Recommends

Chuck Klosterman's Book Bag

Loving France Again

Obama's Cuba Policy Is Half Right

Is Google the Next AOL?

The Murdochs' Scheme for Your Newspapers

Why Women Stay

Grey Gardens' Mad Women

Don't Chase the Pirates

Comebacks- Mickey Rourke

Comebacks- R Kelly

Comebacks- Robert Downey Jr

Comebacks- Drew Barrymore

Comebacks- Britney Spears

Comebacks- Paul Reubens

Comebacks- Alec Baldwin

The Bush Six to Be Indicted

Debbie Phelps on Today

Guest Faints on Glenn Beck

Is Amazon Really Anti-Gay?

Chuck Todd to Gibbs: Where Is Obama

Commando: GIGN Storms Hijacked Plane

Obama's Pirate Coup

Commando: Betancourt Freed

Commando: Operation Nimrod

Zac Efron's Humble Beginnings

Susan Boyle, Talented Brit

White House Egg Roll

A Crazy Day at the 2009 Masters

Palin's New Disaster

Obama's Easter Address

Secretary of Rock

Precision Against Pirates

How Bottega Veneta Is Keeping Luxury Relevant

What Would Shakespeare Say?

The War Against Female Soldiers

Straight Outta Somalia

Memo to the GOP: Go Gay

What Do They Know That We Don't?

Presidential Pets

The Pirates and Us

7 Best Moments from Sunday Talk

This Week- Krugman on Economy

Brit Hume Bo Bashing

State of the Union- Odierno on Iraq

Face the Nation- Guns Into Mexico

Meet the Press- Goldberg on Pirates

Nixon's 'Checkers' Speech

Howie Slams LA Times

This Week - Puppy Talk

One Year to Live

Patton Like You've Never Seen Him Before

Gandhi Family Feud

The 8 Sexiest Commercials

The Insanity Strategy

Obama: 'Walls of Mistrust' Must Fall

Presidential Easters

Robert Caro on Charlie Rose

Kal Penn Talks Politics

William Cohan on The Daily Show

Things Get Awkward on Oprah

Thrilla in Manila

A Deadly Week

Socialist Shocker!

Robin Wright on Iran's Response to Obama

Cat Power - Lived In Bars

Hollywood Jesus

Obama: 'Glimmers of Hope' for Economy

American Youth

BF Brings Miley 'Closer to the Lord'

Harry Smith Gets Mocked

Red Carpet Trends

Showdown at Notre Dame

Dutch TV Acquits Osama

Rove: Biden's a Blowhard

Are Banks Ponzi Schemes?

Pat Buchanan Screaming Match

Clawed by Cat Power

Drew's Anger and Darkness

Obama Should Bail Out Madoff Victims

A Great Black Actor Goes Loco

127,032 Years In Purgatory


10 Reasons the Resurrection Really Happened

Obama's Torture Bind

Schlub to Chic

Toyota Chief: We'll 2014!

Glenn Beck Pleads For Sanity

'Awful Middle-Class Queens'

Lawrence Summers Heckled

17 Again: Vice Versa

17 Again: Like Father Like Son

17 Again: Freaky Friday Remake

17 Again: Freaky Friday Original

17 Again: Dream A Little Dream

17 Again: Big

17 Again: 18 Again

17 Again: 13 Going on 30

O'Reilly Is Very Important

Why Obama’s Smart to Tackle Immigration Now

Is A Pirate A Terrorist?

Cars That Could Save the Auto Industry

Billy Bob's Meltdown

The Future of Jounalism

Holder on Gun Control

The Impressive Hypocrisy of the GOP

Worse Than the War

Best of Brit Lit

Return of the Day Trader

Amy Poehler: The Seriously Funny Interview

Sexy Commercials: PETA

Sexy Commercials: Paris Hilton

Sexy Commercials: Padma Lakshmi

Sexy Commercials: Noxema

Sexy Commercials: Diet Coke

Sexy Commercials: Agent Provocateur

Sexy Commercials: Herbal Essences

Sexy Commercials: Mow the Lawn

Why Is Obama Apologizing for America?

Limbaugh on Millionaire's Tax

Disaster Gaffes

The Obamas’ Summer Hideaway

Fabloids, April 7

Billy Ray's Karaoke

7 Reasons Michelle Obama Outshined Carla Bruni

Levi Johnston on Sarah Palin

12 Favorite Infomercial Pitchmen

Turkish Anchor in Blackface

Bad News From Krugman

The Economy as Cake

Ariz. Sheriff: Put That in Your Pipe And Smoke It

Sir Stephen Colbert

The Wonderfully Neurotic World of Adam Goldberg

The New Diana?

The Ugly Truth About Models

Call Him Dirty Harry Potter

Drunk in Venice, Mad in India

Is Leon Panetta Covering Up Torture?

Money Rules in the New D.C.

Let Exxon Run the Energy Dept.

Hollywood's New Hot Diet

The Best-Kept Secret in Hollywood

The Demonization of Harold Koh

Shabbat Sha-Lohan!

How He Won Iraq

Biden: Cheney is 'Dead Wrong'

Brides, Revisited

Picture Me - Clip

Picture Me - Trailer

Celebrity Gay Weddings

Blankfein Outwits Code Pink

The Science of When to Get Married

What a Killer Was Watching

Tour Detour to Iraq

Kissinger Doubts Europe

Praise for the President

Sir Allen Breaks Down

Bernie's Little Helper Gets Nailed

How Lincoln Emancipated the Jews

The Daily Beast Recommends

The New World Disorder

Brad Gooch's Favorite Reads

Don't Write Off Books

The Secrets of Columbine

The Studio 54 of Sex

Hollywood's Gossip Showdown

Denis Leary to the Rescue

Newt's Rebellion

What I Learned From the Democrats

Obama's Secret Plan to Raise Taxes

'American Swing' Trailer

Joshua Cooper Ramo on Meet the Press

Tyra and Levi Talk Sex

Michael J Fox on Oprah

Obama Warns Iran

Life With the Anarchists

Palin Family BFS - Greetings

Controversial Anti-Smoking Ad

Mickey Rourke, Actual Wrestler

Did This Senator Beat Up His Girlfriend?

Geithner: Banks Could Get GM Treatment

Spitzer's Comeback Interview

Obama In Turkey

The Great American Freak Show

Why Obama Should Hire Eliot Spitzer

Ruth Madoff's Private World

Rupert Everett Unleashed

Enough With the Clothes Already!

The Photos Bush Didn't Want You to See

Sandwiches That Kill

Are Republicans Blackmailing Obama?

Accomplices to Murder

Return of Fallen Soldiers

Binghamton Wasn't the Cops' Fault

Obama: North Korea Broke the Rules

A Collegial Hug for the Rejectees

Infomercials: Thighmaster

Infomercials: Billy Mays Talks Obama

Infomercials: Video Professor

Infomercials: Question Mark Guy

Infomercials: Tony Little

Infomercials: The Juiceman

Infomercials: Trump

Infomercials: Richard Simmons

Infomercials: Ronco

Infomercials: Susan Powter

Infomercials: Billy Mays Slider

Infomercials: ShamWow

Blogs to the Rescue?

7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk

Katty Kay on North Korea

Axelrod on State of the Union

Will vs Huffington

McLaughlin: Is NATO Necessary?

'President' Gingrich Demands Electro-Magnetic Pulse

United States of Toni Collette

The Screwy Logic on African Aid

What the Rapist Had to Say

Next Stop: A Muslim Nation

A Short History of the Cocktail Dress

The Troubles Ahead for Obama

Was Firing Rick Wagoner Just for Show?

Obama Reflects on Europe Trip

Wynton Marsalis on New Orleans

Week in Pictures

Zooey Deschanel: Not A Twitwit

Confessions of a Man Who Almost Went Postal

Right Decision, Wrong Reason

Michelle Obama and Carla Bruni

Obamas Abroad: 9 Great Video Moments

Obamas Arrive in France

Protests at G20 Summit

Obama Speaks at G20

Michelle Obama Meets Queen Elizabeth II

College Admissions Hell

Paterson: 'A Profound Sadness'

The Week in Red Carpets

Celebrity Poets

Bob Saget on The View

Binghamton Shooting Prank

Cocktail Dresses

How'd Obama Do at the G-20?

I Was Right

Tough Talk in Europe

Ben Affleck, Master Comedian

The Day Obama Fell to Earth

Blago Indicted While at Disney World

Little Mr. Sunshine

Don't Blame Hank Greenberg for AIG

Let Natalie Cole Buy a Kidney

My Top 10 G-20 Fantasies

The Hottest Book At the G-20

Is Michelle the New Oprah?

Obama: Trust the Market

Piers Morgan's Top 10 G-20 Fantasies

Michelle Obama G-20 Fashion

Gordon Brown's Plan of Action

The Woz's Last Dance

Dambisa Moya on 'Colbert Report'

Rodman Trashes 'The Apprentice'

So, Who Got In This Year?

The Economy and Terrorism

Best of Brit Lit

The Killer in My Class

Haggling with the Stars

Women Who Eat Meat

Stop Picking on Pinch

Barney Frank Hits Back

Was the AIG Bailout a Conspiracy?

It's Good Ted Stevens Got Off

Guiding Light: Hayden Panettiere

Guiding Light: Kevin Bacon

Guiding Light: Ian Ziering

Guiding Light

Beck: Now on Road to Fascism

Obama: This Is No Depression

090401 Tina on Larry King Live

Hot Economists

Michael J. Fox On Parkinson's

Hair Dazzles Broadway

Screw You, GM

BBC April Fool's Day Joke

Obama Avoiding Sports

O'Reilly to Letterman: I'm No Entertainer

Kristol's Secret Plan to Support Obama

Amy Poehler on Local Gov.


Return of the Dandy

'And So Liberia Was Born'

How Science Screwed My Kids

Welcome to London

The Obamas' First Overseas Trip