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Trump Sues Town

Donald Trump wanted one simple thing: to build and operate a luxury golf course with a 45,000 square foot courthouse, stately locker rooms, a grand ballroom, and stunning oceanfront views half an hour south of Los Angeles. According to The Independent, the town of Rancho Palos Verdes provoked Trump’s ire when it refused to rename a local highway Trump National Drive, forced Trump to cut down a row of 12 foot trees that hide low-cost housing from the course and held up plans for 20 luxury homes on the grounds. In his lawsuit against the town, Trump alleges that it forced him to spend millions on unnecessary geological surveys. The town thinks the suit, which asks for $100 million in damages--five times the town’s annual budget--is an attempt to bully it into submission. “He just feels rules aren’t made for him,” one resident said of Trump.