‘Trump Will Handle This’: Florida Man Harassed Iraqi Family in Neighborhood, Cops Say

A Florida man attempted to force an Iraqi family out of his neighborhood, according to police. David Allen Boileau allegedly threw nails and screws at a vehicle pulling out of the family’s driveway, apparently in an effort to damage the car or flatten the tires, and also burglarized their home, according to a police report. “If [I don’t] get rid of them,” Boileau said, according to the police report, “Trump will handle it.” Boileau repeatedly said, “the U.S. needs to get rid of all of them,” meaning Middle Easterners, according to police. The neighbors, who had lived in the area longer than Boileau, were an Iraqi family consisting of a mother and her four children. When police arrived at the scene after Boileau allegedly burglarized their home, he reportedly said: “They don’t belong here.” He was charged with burglary, and the case is being investigated as a hate crime.