Accuser: I Was ‘Humiliated’ by Michael Douglas

Journalist and author Susan Braudy has told The Hollywood Reporter that she was “humiliated” by the sexual harassment she endured at the hands of actor Michael Douglas, who this month released a statement denying the accusation he believed was coming. Braudy, who formerly worked for Douglas’s production company, said the star began making inappropriate comments about her so often that she changed her demeanor and her clothing (“long, loose layers of black”) so as to avoid drawing his attention. Then, it got worse. “I peered at him and saw he’d inserted both hands into his unzipped pants,” Braudy said. “I realized to my horror that he was rubbing his private parts. Within seconds his voice cracked and it appeared to me he’d had an orgasm.” She added, “I was surprised I wasn’t falling to pieces even though I was humiliated. I realized he thought he could do anything he wanted because he was so much more powerful than I was.” In his pre-emptive denial this month, Douglas echoed many other such statements by accusing Braudy of doing a “true disservice” to the real victims in the #MeToo movement by telling her story. He added, “Maybe she is disgruntled her career didn’t go the way she hoped and she is holding this grudge.”