Al Gore Urges Climate Action

In a New York Times op-ed, Al Gore is, once again, urging the American people to keep their eyes on climate change. Despite the recent attacks on global warming research, Gore says climate change will continue to be a problem until we do something about it. "The scientific enterprise will never be completely free of mistakes. What is important is that the overwhelming consensus of global warming remains unchanged," Gore wrote, and cited that the last 10 years were "the hottest decade since modern records have been kept." He emphasizes how climate change will affect humans—including rising seas, stronger hurricanes, lingering droughts, and more severe floods. Later this week Senators John Kerry, Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman are expected to unveil their cooperative efforts at creating a cap-and-trade legislation. "I hope that it will place a true cap on carbon emissions and stimulate the rapid development of low-carbon sources of energy," writes Gore. "After all has been said and so little done, the truth about the climate crisis—inconvenient as ever—must still be faced."