21st Century Ed

Brits Tell Teens Sex Is Fun

Abstinence be damned: Teens in Britain are getting one often overlooked bit of advice—that sex can be fun. The National Health Service is recommending teachers stress the healthy and pleasurable sides of sex rather than only harping on mechanics and deterrence, and have distributed a pamphlet titled Pleasure. Aside from boasting a section on masturbation entitled “an orgasm a day,” the pamphlet (which is given to teachers, not students) promotes sexual awareness and responsibility on an emotional level and is being touted by professionals as the cure for out-of-date sex education. The initiative is not without its dissidents: “I think this is medically wrong and emotionally wrong and will increase teenage pregnancy and impact negatively on the formation of a long-term loving relationship,” said the headmaster of one college. But proponents acknowledged the failure of the current system to teach adequate sex ed and want teachers to be given a new way to discuss sex with students.