Go Daddy Strikes Out, Audi Wins

Are you ready for some advertisements? During the Super Bowl, Go Daddy—as expected—dressed Paula Abdul and Danica Patrick in black leather while painting a nude model. Meanwhile, Audi’s clever commercial about a vampire party is one of the frontrunners for best ad of the night. In Chrysler's commercial, Clint Eastwood took the mantle from Eminem for this year's most inspiring commerical. Kanye West sold his song “Runaway” to Budweiser for a very dramatic—though disappointing—beer commercial. Chevy did a bizarre apocalypse ad that suggests that if the world ends you'd better hope you own a Chevy truck, though it was still more convincing that Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno's forced Acura commercial. And for some viewers, a wish came true: David Beckham in underwear, selling H&M.