Grandma On The Run Arrested

A grandma accused of murdering her husband and look-alike has been arrested in Texas, authorities said.

On Thursday night U.S. Marshals spotted Lois Reiss, 56, known as “Losing Streak Lois” of Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, in a restaurant on South Padre Island, Texas, according to a statement by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

I promised all along that Lois Riess would end up in a pair of handcuffs,” Undersheriff Carmine Marceno said. "Tonight, she sits in a jail cell in Texas. We are working as expeditiously as possible to bring her back to Lee County to face murder charges."

Authorities launched a weeks-long national manhunt after Reiss fatally shot her husband, David, in late March. Shortly thereafter she murdered her doppleganger, Pamela Hutchinson, a 59-year-old car saleswoman in a conspiracy to steal her identity.