Report: Trump Has Not Paid Top Staffers

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has not paid at least ten of his top staff members for their work, according to a new Reuters report based on federal campaign finance filings. Those who apparently worked for free on the campaign include top staffers such as Paul Manafort, who recently stepped down amid scandal over his earlier business dealings with corrupt Ukrainian leaders. In addition, Trump's California state director Tim Clark, communications director Michael Caputo and two senior aides who left in June to work for a Trump Super PAC have all not been paid, according to the campaign finance filings. Trump has repeatedly claimed that his campaign's affordability, with his team spending about one-third of what Hillary Clinton has spent, is proof of his business smarts. It's not clear if the staffers had agreed to work as volunteers or will simply deprived of pay. At least one of those on the list, Michael Caputo, told a radio station in June that he'd never offered to volunteer, but had simply never been paid. Two others, Ken McKay and Laurance Gay, told Reuters that they had worked as volunteers, though they each later received $60,000 through a Trump-backed Super PAC. Other top staffers who have not been paid include finance chairman Steven Mnuchin, national political director Rick Wiley and senior adviser Barry Bennett, according to FEC filings.