Rick Perry Hits the Road

Rick Perry officially suspended his campaign for president Thursday and endorsed his former foe Newt Gingrich. "I've concluded there is no viable way forward for this campaign," Perry said in a speech in Charleston, S.C. Perry said that it was important to continue the "ultimate objective" of not just getting President Obama out of the White House but also to "bring it about with a real conservative leader who can bring real change." In his endorsement of Gingrich, Perry said, "Newt is not perfect, but who among us is?" and alluded to Gingrich's marital history by saying, "The fact is, there is forgiveness for those who seek God." A new NBC News/Marist poll found that among likely Perry voters in South Carolina, 34 percent said Gingrich would be their second choice, 20 percent said Ron Paul, 19 percent said Rick Santorum, and 18 percent said Mitt Romney—but together these account for only 4 percent of all South Carolina voters.