Romney: Obama Hates Lightbulbs, Inventors

President Obama might praise innovators, but he really wants to stymie them, says Mitt Romney. The presidential hopeful spoke on economic freedom at the University of Chicago Monday, arguing that “President Obama hopes to erase his record with a speech. In a recent address he said that ‘we are inventors. We are builders. We are makers of things. We are Thomas Edison. We are the Wright Brothers. We are Bill Gates. We are Steve Jobs.’” Well, Mitt Romney isn’t buying what the president’s selling. “The reality is that, under President Obama’s administration, these pioneers would have found it much more difficult, if not impossible, to innovate, invent, and create,” he charged, pointing to Dodd-Frank and other pieces of legislation that enforce regulations. “And the government would have banned Thomas Edison’s lightbulb,” he declared.“Oh yeah, Obama’s regulators actually just did that.”