Second Acts

Spitzer's TV Show Debuts

She’s a conservative pundit; he’s a liberal former governor of New York who resigned after admitting he visited prostitutes. It’s not a romantic comedy, but the premise for CNN’s Parker Spitzer, which debuted Monday night. Former Governor Eliot Spitzer said the show is “about ideas, ideas that drive American politics.” Spitzer addressed the camera first and told President Obama to fire Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, followed by Kathleen Parker, who slammed Sarah Palin for being a “tease” and “flirt” for not definitively declaring whether she will run for president. Their first guests were conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart and What’s the Matter With Kansas author Thomas Frank. The show got off to an awkward start, however, when Parker said “I’m a journalist, and you’re a … politician,” to which the former governor said he was “recovering.”