Terry Jones Wins Car for Sparing Koran

Terry Jones, the now-infamous Florida pastor, has been rewarded for not commiting sacrilege by a person with equally poor taste in publicity stunts. Jones made national headlines last month by promising, and then canceling, a burning of the Koran. And now a New Jersey car dealer named Brad Benson is giving him a car. Benson, a former New York Giants center, had offered Jones a car as part of his “Idiot Award” advertising campaign if he did not carry out his Koran burning. "I just didn't think that was a good thing for our country right now," Benson said. So, after consulting with a radio audience, he will hand Jones the keys to a 2011 Hyundai Accent, which retails for $14,200. But Jones has already announced that he will donate it to a charity for abused Muslim women. "We are not trying to profit from this,” Jones said. “We are not keeping the car for ourselves."