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Eighteen Chilean Miners Rescued, So Far

Crews have rescued 18 of the 33 miners in Chile who've been trapped underground for more than two months. Florencio Avalos, 31, was chosen to be the first one hoisted up based on his relative health. (Officials planned to bring the healthiest men up first so that they can cope with any unforeseen problems.) In being lifted to freedom, Avalos traveled up a narrow, nearly half-mile long shaft in a custom-designed capsule. When he emerged, he was greeted by massive cheers, and hugs from both loved ones and Chile's president. Crews are now rescuing the remaining miners one by one, in a process that will last many hours. The ninth miner out was the oldest in the group. Last up will be the group’s foreman, Luis Urzua, who's been the group’s leader since the cave-in 68 days ago. In St. Peter's Square in Rome, the pope called the rescue "a testimony of faith".