Kansas Voters Get Mysterious Text Messages From ‘Trump’

Kansas election officials say dozens of voters have reported receiving mysterious text messages purporting to be from President Trump in a move Democrats say threatens to sabotage the governor’s race. One message reportedly reads, “Your absentee ballot is ready. Remember to vote for Pres. Trump’s allies.” A follow-up message reportedly asked the voter to confirm his or her voting place, saying, “This is President Trump. Your early vote has NOT been RECORDED on Kansas’s roster.” State elections director Bryan Caskey said between 50 and 60 calls have come in to the Kansas secretary of state’s office about such texts, and the office is now working to determine if they are lawful. Democrats fear the move is intended to sow confusion and deter people from voting, which could give Trump ally and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach a victory against Democratic state Sen. Laura Kelly in the close gubernatorial race.