New Nixon Tapes: Gays Born That Way

Who would've expected President Richard Nixon to be ahead of his time in his views of homosexuality? According to new tapes deciphered by Vanity Fair, Nixon told adviser Henry Kissinger and chief of staff H.R. Haldeman that he believed gay people are born that way. But, he said, “Boy Scout leaders, YMCA leaders, and others bring them in that direction, and teachers.” And added: “By God, I am not going to have a situation where we pass along a law indicating, ‘Well, now, kids, just go out and be gay.’ They can do it. Just leave them alone. That’s a lifestyle I don’t want to touch.” Nixon did seem caught off-guard to find out that girls swear. “We all swear. But you show me a girl that swears and I’ll show you an awful unattractive person. ... I mean, all femininity is gone. And none of the smart girls do swear, incidentally.”