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Articles August 2018

‘ER’ Actress Killed by Police Struggled With Chronic Illness, Friends Say

Aretha Franklin and John McCain: America Bids Farewell to its Queen and a Hero

‘Kamikaze’: Eminem’s Surprise Album Crashes and Burns in Tired Homophobia

Parkland Survivor Organizes Madden Livestream for Jacksonville Shooting Victims

‘A New NFL’: Trump Wants to Make Google The Next Front in The Culture Wars

The Rube Who Came to New York and Killed the Village Voice Lied To My Face

Capitol Hill Says Goodbye to Its Maverick, Sen. John McCain

Republican Lobbyist Steered Foreign Money to Trump’s Inaugural Committee

Lady Gaga on Her Dazzling ‘A Star Is Born’ Debut: ‘I Never Wanted to Be Sexy Like Other Women’

Meghan Markle’s Secret Canada Trip to See Old Friend Jessica Mulroney

Madagascar Road Number 7 Should Be Next on Your Road Trip Bucket List

The Only Pasta Sauce Recipe You’ll Ever Need

He Went From Prison to Earning His Ph.D. Now He’s Helping Others Do the Same.

‘Pick of the Litter’: Inside the Adorable World of Very Good Dogs Competing to Save Lives

Battling Sexism Controversy, Venice Film Festival Paves Road to Oscar

Trump Doubles Down on Indulgent—and Failing—North Korea Policy

‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’ Viral Video Is Nightmare Meme Fuel—and Big Business

They Worked for Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but Their ‘Mission’ Was Tank Kelli Ward

Dems Gear Up for an Ugly Election Season of Race-Baiting

Andrew Cuomo Won’t Stop Lying. Now, to Cynthia Nixon, He Admits It.

The Real Reason Russia Is Rooting for Republicans in the Midterms

Democrats, Beware of Falling in Love With Fundamentally Flawed Candidates

Salvador Rosillo, the Artist Who Made Millions Out of Marijuana

The Crazy Inside Story of Al Gore’s ‘Trump Tower Moment’

40 New Fall TV Shows You’ve Got to See: Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts, ‘Murphy Brown’ & More

The Insane Story Behind Orson Welles’ Final Film: Porn, Dwarfs, and the Shah of Iran

Sources: NBC Threatened Ronan Farrow if He Kept Reporting on Harvey Weinstein

How James Comey Covered His Ass and Elected Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani Is Putting Together a ‘Counter-Report’ to Question Robert Mueller’s ‘Legitimacy’

Joe Biden Delivers Eulogy for John McCain: ‘We Shall Not See His Like Again’

Postal Service: Release of Ex-CIA Officer’s File Was ‘Mistake’—and Not the Only One

A Six-Foot Lizard Is Terrorizing a Florida Family. Trappers Can’t Catch Him.

Neo-Nazi Robocall Impersonates Mollie Tibbetts to Call for Genocide

Citizens of Good Will, You Must Help Save America in These Midterm Elections

Before Her ‘Soulmate’ Cut Her Brakes, She Was a #MeToo Hero

Secrecy Shrouds Conservative PAC Pouring Money Into State Races

Trump Administration Muzzles Nuclear Weapons Safety Watchdog

Prince Harry Cameos as King George at ‘Hamilton’ Performance in London

Living on an Island of Figs

Remembering Ted Williams’ Finest Baseball Moment: A Hall of Fame Plea for Equality

Synthetic T-Cells Could Bring Us Closer to Understanding Cancer

Brett Kavanaugh Should Have to Own His Career as a Partisan Attack Dog

The Disgusting and Self-Discrediting Conservative Attacks on John McCain

German Neo-Nazis Say These Women Were Abused by Muslim Immigrants. They’re Actually American Victims of Domestic Violence.

Newbie Hacker Fingered for Monster Botnet

Massage Envy Says It Has a Plan to Protect Clients. Women Say It’s Too Late.

John McCain Sounds the Alarm on Trump and Russia in New Documentary ‘Active Measures’

A Russian Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Trying to Make Elon Musk’s Dream Come True

Chuck Schumer Under Fire: Petrified Democrats Unload on Their Leader Over Trump’s Judicial Nominees

Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Accuses Leftist ‘Lynch Mob’ of ‘Race-Baiting’ Ron DeSantis

Nixon-Cuomo Debate Has Tempers Flaring: ‘Can You Stop Interrupting?’

Martina Navratilova: Let Female Tennis Players Change Their Shirts on Court

Trump Lawyer Don McGahn’s Exit Tees Up a Clash With Mueller

Victim of Accused Dine-n-Dash Dater Speaks: He Won’t Get Away With This

Deval Patrick Launches PAC as He Toys With Possible 2020 Run

CIA Analyst Turned Candidate Fears She’ll Get Doxxed Next

Kanye West Answers Jimmy Kimmel’s Trump Question: He Wants ‘Black People to Like Him’

Google Maps Puts McCain’s Name on Senate Building Named After Racist

Laquan McDonald: Chicago Cop Who Shot Black Teen 16 Times Says ‘I’m Not a Racist’

Ron DeSantis to Florida: Don’t ‘Monkey This Up’ by Electing Andrew Gillum

This Business School Course Covers What University Professors Miss

Meghan Markle’s Screen Dad Wendell Pierce Slams Thomas Markle

Track Your Summer Travels with This Fun U.S. and National Parks Scratch-Off Map

Elon Musk Doubles Down on ‘Pedo Guy’ Allegations

Going 10 Rounds With Sommelier David Giuliano

How U.S. Journalist Marie Colvin Became a Martyr in Syria

Why Is the Most Powerful Man in Hollywood Hiding the Other Trump Tapes?

Could Life Evolve on Mars?

What’s in a Name? Everything, if Yours Is Trump and His Was McCain

Trump’s Coal Plan Will Kill People, but at Least It’ll Create Jobs, Right? Wrong.

Republicans Are Ditching Trump. But What Will It Take for the Floodgates to Truly Open?

California Might Make Conversion Therapy Consumer Fraud

Mom’s Plea, After 9-Year-Old Gay Son’s Suicide Over Bullying: ‘Show Love to Everyone’

Liker, a Facebook Alternative for Liberals, Is Hive of False Claims About Trump

Maria Butina: Private Messages Reveal Accused Russian Spy’s True Ties to D.C. Wise Man

SNL’s Michael Che Defends Louis C.K.: He Has the ‘Right to Speak and Make a Living’

Andrew Gillum Wins Florida Primary, Could Become the State’s First African-American Governor

Study: Ignore Milk Sell-By Dates, Rely on Nose and Colder Fridge

Trump Aide Kelly Sadler Joked About McCain Dying—and Was Offered a New Job

Louis C.K.’s Comedy ‘Comeback’ Sends a Chilling Message to Victims

Aretha Franklin’s Hairdresser Styles Her One Last Time

This Top Electric Toothbrush Is On A Rare Sale For Under $50

Indicted Rep. Duncan Hunter Threw His Wife Under the Bus. Now He Says ‘Leave My Wife Out of It.’

Aretha Franklin Bids a Diva’s Farewell In Ruby-Red Stilettos

Trump’s Defenders Can’t Stop Comparing Him to Al Capone

Google AdWords Could Be The Key To A Higher Salary

It’s Official: Hurricane Maria Led to as Many Deaths as 9/11

Louis C.K.’s ‘Comeback’ to Female Comedians: ‘Ridiculous,’ ‘Depressing’ and ‘Not Surprising’

Louis C.K. Hasn’t Earned His Comedy-World Redemption

Trump Threatens to Regulate ‘Rigged’ Google After Right-Wing Blog Post

Katy Perry: Dr. Luke Never Raped Me

How Did a Cocktail Come to Be Called a Cocktail?

Hurricane Season Not Only Brings Destruction and Death but Rising Inequality Too

The Best Way to Fight Voter-ID Laws? Give Voters IDs!

Why Tiger Woods’ Trump Endorsement Makes Perfect Sense

Primary Preview: Nasty Arizona Showdown, Trump Test in Florida Loom in Tuesday’s Matchups

‘John McCain the Diplomat’ Will Be Irreplaceable, Senate Colleagues Say

Reagan Conservatism’s Summer of Sorrow

The Dirty, Deadly Secrets of Apartheid South Africa’s Powerful Pedophiles

Cohen and Manafort Should Have Done Their Homework on Encryption Apps

Simon Cowell’s True-Crime TV Attempt Is No ‘Making a Murderer’

South Korea’s New Political Darling Is Kim Jong Un

The High Price of Speaking Out Against Stormy Daniels

Ivanka Trump Smiles With Pastor Who Thinks Marriage Equality Is Satan’s Work

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson: Why Would Trump Honor McCain, Someone He ‘Despised’?

The Democratic Party’s Biggest Outside Group Is Launching an Ambitious Ballot Research Project

Madden NFL Shooting Rocks High-Stakes, Ultra-Competitive World of eSports

Only Latino Employee Resigns From Anti-Immigration Group Over Racial Slurs

From McCain to Charlottesville to Puerto Rico, Trump Keeps Disrespecting the Dead

NRATV Host Bashes Madden Shooting Survivors for Wearing Headsets

White House Retreats, Lowering Flag Again to Honor McCain

Ex-WH Aide Marc Short: Media Would Accuse Trump of Hypocrisy if He Praised McCain

Massage Envy Hit by New Lawsuits Over Sexual-Assault Claims

Ted Cruz Now Running Against Beto O’Rourke’s Viral NFL Comments

Catholic Church Clergy Sex Scandal: Even the Pope Can’t Stop the Bleeding Now

Donald Trump Ignores John McCain Questions During Oval Office Event

‘Sharp Objects’ Finale: Patricia Clarkson on That Shocking Twist and Adora’s Fate

The Modern Cocktail: A Lost Scotch Classic

When Chicago’s Homeless Kids Can’t Go to the Doctor, This Group Steps In

The General Who Might Take Down Netanyahu

These African American Pastors Who Sucked Up to Donald Trump Are a Disgrace

Congress Cut Off This Chinese Surveillance Firm, So Now It’s Turning to K Street

The Republicans Have No One Who Will Stand Up to Trump Now

Carlos Curbelo’s Election Dilemma: Walking the Line Between Love and Hate for Trump

‘Unite the Right 2’ Speaker Is Disbarred Ex-Lawyer Accused of Running Foreclosure Scam

Asia Argento Accuser Jimmy Bennett Allegedly Got Swindled by His Own Parents

Sacha Baron Cohen Tries to Make O.J. Simpson Confess in ‘Who Is America?’ Finale

Inside the Shocking ‘Sharp Objects’ Finale: How Three Words Change Everything

John McCain Was an Imperfect Man. That’s What Made Him Worthy of Our Affection.

Do I Remember the ’68 DNC Riots? Dude, I Played Them

Gamer David Katz ID’d as Gunman Who Killed 2, Hurt 11 at Jacksonville Madden NFL Tournament

Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper Swipe at Trump During McCain Tributes

Jeff Flake: John McCain’s Voice Was ‘Never More Important Than the Past Year’

John McCain’s Brain Cancer, Glioblastoma, Is Nearly Impossible to Treat

McCain, the Man Who Should Have Been President

Henry Winkler Is Finally More Than the Fonz—and Could Win His First Emmy for ‘Barry’

Mark Burnett, The Man Who Created Trump, Is Not a Rat

Amazon’s Bland ‘Jack Ryan’ Proves There Is a Limit to John Krasinski’s Charm

Almost Everything We Know About the Earliest Copies of the New Testament Is Wrong

Spain’s Best Summer Escape: Surfing in Basque Country

The Catholic Church Shows Its Sick Hypocrisy Toward LGBT Parents

‘America to Me’ Sheds Light on Liberal High School Race Divide: ‘You Can’t Blame It on Republicans’

Lights, Cameras, Action: The Rise of the Instagram-Friendly Museum

Before John Brennan, Far Right Came for Father of the A-Bomb

Everything You Know About the Sazerac Is Wrong

John McCain, A Life in Photos

John McCain, American Hero, Dies at 81

Democrats Scale Back Superdelegate Powers In Nod to Bernie Supporters

Melania’s Dad, a New American Citizen With a Record in Yugoslavia’s Secret Police Files

Logan Paul Gets Punched Over and Over for YouTube’s Biggest Event of the Year

Pope Francis Offers Words of ‘Outrage’ But Little Else for Ireland’s Sex Abuse Victims

Become A Better Outdoor Photographer With These Courses

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan to Bill Maher: Trump Is ‘A Real Threat to Our National Security’

The Double Standard for Black Athletes Began Long Before Trump. Just Ask Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

Trump Changed Washington D.C. People Now Stab Each Other in The Front.

The Contested Legacy of Lauryn Hill’s ‘Miseducation’

Inside Hemingway’s Route to Liberate Paris from the Nazis: Foie Gras, Revenge Killings, and Champagne

How Media Dodged the 'Everything Trump Touches Dies' Curse

The Beatles Helped Write the Best Beatles Bio

How Venice’s Salty Winds Destroyed Titian’s Fantastic Frescoes

The Punishment Urban Meyer Should Have Received

Trump Nominates His First Out-LGBT Judge. Will He Match Obama's 11?

Do Cancer-Sniffing Canines Pass the Smell Test?

10 Dishes with Celebrity Chef Nicholas Elmi

You Honored Our Deal, John McCain. I’ll Honor Your Legacy.

Trump Meets QAnon Kook Who Believes Democrats Run Pedophile Cult

Right-Wing Site Tied to Kelli Ward Pulls Article Criticizing the GOP Senate Candidate

UFO Lobby Thrilled by House Candidate Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, Who Says She Was Abducted by Aliens

Zendaya’s Rumored Casting as Ariel in Disney’s Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’ Sparks Racist Backlash

Cohen, Pecker, Weisselberg: The Men With Trump’s Secrets Work for the Feds Now

No Alcohol Is the Only Safe Amount of Alcohol for You, Study Says

Catholic Charity Ends Adoptions Rather Than Place Kid With Same-Sex Couple

QAnon Leaders Crack Down on Mentions of Cohen After He Turned on Trump

Fox News Host Bret Baier: Trump ‘Clearly’ Lying in ‘Fox & Friends’ Interview

Accused Russian Operative Maria Butina’s Lawyer Slams ‘Baseless’ Sex-for-Access Claim

Football’s Turning Point? Decline in Numbers Finally Hits Texas Amid CTE Fears and Sexual Assaults

After Mueller, ‘Manhattan Madam’ Kristin Davis Opens a Beauty Salon

Prisons Are Already Retaliating Against Inmates Protesting ‘Modern Slavery’

TPUSA Members Quit in Protest of ‘Exploiting’ Mollie Tibbetts’ Death

Bernie Sanders Ramps Up Amazon Battle With New Bill Demanding Living Wage for Workers

Catholic Church Sex Abuse: Missouri Launches Investigation Into Potential Crimes

Cashing In on the Vintage Liquor Craze

Haley Lu Richardson on the ‘Struggles’ of Female Actors: ‘There Are Circumstances Where I’ve Been Treated Differently’

Hurricane Lane a Rarity for Hawaii—and a Menace

Department of Justice Reveals ‘Glitch’ Shielded Officials From Public Scrutiny

Samantha Bee: My Critics ‘Should Be Embarrassed by Their Own Conduct’

Letting Priests Marry Would Not Solve the Catholic Church’s Pedophilia Problem

Trans Candidate in Montana Misgendered by GOP Opponent

Infowars Said YouTube Ban Would Make It Stronger. Actually, It’s Been Crushed.

Why Vienna Is the Spy Capital of the World

Why Right Wingers Are Going Crazy About Meat

Hey, Michael Cohen, Get Off GoFundMe and Try Driving a Cab if You Need Money

‘Let the Corpses Tan’: A Perverse, Blasphemous Western That Will Blow Your Mind

Nicki Minaj’s Week From Hell: Kylie Jenner Drama, Tour Shakeups and… Harriet Tubman?

Trump Has Found a Voice to Love in Tucker Carlson. That Love Isn’t Always Returned.

CNN Anchor Calls Out Contributor Rob Astorino for Signing Pro-Trump NDA

Who Exposed Asia Argento’s Secret Arrangement?

Tucker Carlson Gets Basic Fact Wrong About South Africa’s ‘White’ Land Grab: It Applies to Blacks, Too

Russian Bots Were Used to Sow Divisions on Vaccines, Researchers Say

‘Very Disturbing’: Makeup Companies Dump YouTube Beauty Vlogger Over Racist Tweets

Pro-Trump Juror: I Really Wanted Paul Manafort to Be Innocent

Indiana Mom Who Followed Husband to ISIS Helped Arm, Fund Terror Group, Feds Say

Cohen Could Help Mueller With Trump and Russia—if He Can Get His Story Straight

How to Build a Website with Zero Technical Know-How

This Idea That a President Can’t Be Indicted Is a Myth

Top Republican Shoots Down DeVos’ Idea to Arm Teachers

Politicon Dumps Milo Yiannopoulos From Lineup After Outcry

‘She Was Trying to Protect Herself’: Ex-MSU Gymnastics Coach Charged in Nassar Case

There Are Some Serious Holes in Trump’s Defense of Michael Cohen’s Crimes

Trump: I Can’t Be Impeached Because I’m Doing a Great Job

Make This Fried Peanut Butter, Jelly & Chocolate Sandwich This Weekend

‘Searching’: John Cho’s Bold Internet Thriller Is the Anti-‘Black Mirror’

Alex Borstein Talks ‘Pushing the Envelope’ in ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ and ‘Family Guy’

The Chinese See Trump’s ‘Trade War’ as Existential Fight—and They’re Right

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Actually Drain the Swamp and Save Capitalism

There Is No Bridge That’s Too Far for Trump’s Republican Party

Melania, Our Nation Turns Its Lonely Eyes to You

Pizzagate Pusher’s Death Drives Conspiracy Theorists to Tout Her as New Seth Rich

Kendall Jenner Doesn’t Know How Hard a Model’s Life Really Is

Asia Argento Blows Up the Myth of the ‘Perfect Victim’

There’s No Way Pope Can Dodge Predator Priest Rot in Ireland

Inside the Shocking Death of Johnny Depp’s Biggie-Murder Movie ‘City of Lies’

CNN Suspends Trump-Defending Pundit Paris Dennard After Sexual Harassment Claims

Trump Insists He’s Not Mad About Michael Cohen. He Just Wants to Bury Him.

Urban Meyer Suspended for OSU’s First Three Games After Investigation

The Time Richard Nixon Told Trump He’d Be a Star

Manafort, Cohen, Omarosa: This Is How It Always Ends for Trump’s Scuzzy Friends

White House Uses White Woman’s Murder to Whip Up Anti-Immigrant Sentiment

Senate Democrats Use Cohen to Try to Block Kavanaugh Nomination

The Universal Flu Vaccine Could Be Here in 2 Years: Study

‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Star Israel Broussard Outed for Racist, Homophobic Tweets and ‘Likes’

Chuck Schumer Pleads With the Government to Save Local Newspapers From Trump’s Tariffs

Manafort, Cohen, Flynn: The List of Trump’s Crooked Apprentices Keeps Growing

Trump Denies Telling Cohen to Pay Off Women, Despite Tape

Trump & Cohen: A Timeline of How Their ‘Take a Bullet’ Bromance Went Up in Flames

Tomi Lahren Lives in Alternate Universe Where Fox News Never Attacked Michelle Obama

Gene Therapy Has The Potential To Change Hereditary Diseases

Prisoners Protest ‘Modern Slavery’ In Nationwide Strike

Congress Still Has No Idea What President Trump Said to Vladimir Putin

Economists: More Guns, Not the Crack Epidemic, Drove ’90s Murder Boom

Report: Asia Argento Confesses to Having ‘Sex’ With Underage Teen in Leaked Text Messages

Going 10 Rounds with Top Bartender Conor Myers

To Russia With Love: Why Southern U.S. Extremists Are Mad About Vladimir Putin

Asian Tick Invading America Is a Mystery to Lyme Experts

Where Does Brett Kavanaugh Stand on LGBT Rights? It’s a Mystery

Bulletproof Backpacks Are a Sad, Stupid Sort of Surrender

Hey MTV, a ‘Hills’ Reboot Without Lauren Sounds, Like, Totally Sucky

Manafort’s Choices: Work With Mueller, Wish for Trump Pardon, or Die in Prison

Jimmy Kimmel Doesn’t Want to ‘Appeal’ to Trump Fans: ‘I Don’t Think That World Exists Anymore’

The NBA’s Vicious Battle for Players’ Minds: Why Are Owners Going After Mental Health Records?

Fox News Hosts on Cohen Plea Deal: ‘Nothing That Matters’

With Cohen Cop-Out, Reality Finally Bites Reality-Show President

Iranians Impersonated Bernie Bros, Vowed to Stop Kavanaugh

‘Watergate on Steroids’: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty and Implicates Trump

Witching Hour for Trump as Fixer Flips and Campaign Boss Convicted

National Enquirer Schemed With Michael Cohen to Silence Stormy Daniels: Prosecutors

Samantha Bee: Michelle Wolf and Robin Thede Cancellations ‘Very Disheartening’

Mueller 1, Manafort 0: Trump’s Ex-Campaign Boss Convicted of Fraud, Faces Years in Prison

I Saw The World With My Dog At My Side

Trump’s New Coal Plan Will Kill People, According to the Trump Administration

Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty to Illegal Payoffs to Women at Trump’s ‘Direction’

Fox News Contributor Charlie Hurt: Trump Calls Women ‘Dogs’ as a ‘Compliment’

Fentanyl: What to Know About the Drug that Killed Mac Miller

Elizabeth Warren Wants the IRS to Release Tax Returns for Presidential Candidates

‘Fox & Friends’ Hits MTV VMAs for ‘Reuniting’ Immigrant Families on Stage

Tired of Drinking IPA? Then Try One of These New IPAs

Will Gretchen Carlson Destroy the Miss America Pageant, or Save It?

China, World’s Biggest Polluter, Hits Carbon Goals—12 Years Early: Study

The Color Factory Is Made for Instagram, but Is It Art?

When Rudy Giuliani Loved Truth and Hated Perjurers

Far Right Fuming After Big Finance Chokes Off Money Flow

Russian Journalists Murdered in Africa May Have Been Set Up

‘F*ck This Guy’: The Whistleblower Cops Exposing Corruption and Racial Profiling in the NYPD

Michaela Watkins’ ‘Casual’ Goodbye: TV’s Most Underrated Actress’ Next Act

Madonna Makes MTV VMAs Aretha Franklin Tribute All About Herself

Sean Hannity: Rudy Giuliani Could Have Been ‘More Articulate’ With ‘Truth Isn’t Truth’

Chris Watts Admits to Cheating on Wife Shanann and Killing Her, but Claims She Strangled Daughters

Senate GOP Bashes Ben Folds and Jason Isbell as Being Part of ‘Unhinged Left’

Inside Sex Workers’ Fight for the Next Ocasio-Cortez: ‘There’s an Awakening Happening’

Gretchen Carlson Fires Latest Shot in Miss America’s Civil War

Harvey Weinstein Lawyer Rips Asia Argento for ‘Hypocrisy’ as #MeToo Reels

Pope Francis: ‘We Showed No Care to the Little Ones’ in Pennsylvania Clergy Sex-Abuse Report

How To Create Video Tutorials And Demos In Minutes

Last Person to See Chris Watts’ Wife Alive: Why I Suspected Her Husband

Save Over $60 On This Portable Bluetooth Speaker

10 Dishes With Celebrity Chef Michael Solomonov

C.J. Chivers Vividly Chronicles Bloody Missions of Misadventure in Iraq

How Brett Kavanaugh Worked to Weaponize the War on Terror

Trump Shivs Brennan, and Many 2016 ‘Conservatives Against Trump’ See No Evil

The Pentagon Has a Plan to Arm Satellites With Lasers to Shoot Down Missiles. It’s Insane.

Yes, Democrats Should Talk About Impeaching Trump

Why Jimmy Kimmel and Jennifer Lawrence Are Donating to Dems for the First Time Ever

Detained Dads: ICE Re-Separated Our Families as Punishment

No Justice for Alison, Yet: ‘The Affair’ Season 4 Finale

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Engagement Is More Meaningful Than You Think

John Oliver Eviscerates Rudy Giuliani: Trump Is Going to ‘Wind Up Behind Bars’

Sacha Baron Cohen Tries to Convince Howard Dean Hillary Clinton Has a ‘Penis’

Get This Beginner-Friendly Drone for Over 50% off

How the Shakespearean Meghan Markle Family Drama Helps Us All

Friends Called Cops After Chris Watts’ Wife and Daughters Disappeared

Ex-Fox News Analyst Ralph Peters Calls Former Colleagues Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson ‘Prostitutes’

Inside Scientologists’ Bizarre Plot to Sell Bogus Meat to the Poor

The Far Right Is Conning IMDb: They’re Exploiting ‘a Weakness in the System’

Why I Hope 1970s Cocktails Never Come Back

Aretha Franklin’s First Live Album Turns 50: How ‘Aretha in Paris’ Heralded a Queen

Can You Flip a Switch and Shut Down Seizures?

Robin Tran: How You Tell an Irreverent Transgender Joke, Respectfully

How the Story of V.S. Naipaul’s Early Life Went Up in Flames

How the Catholic Church Keeps Surviving Abuse Scandals

How ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Became Amazon’s ‘Game of Thrones’

The Daredevil Fly Girl Who Challenged Amelia Earhart

I Grew Up in the Shadow of a Neighborhood Killer. He May Have Finally Been Caught.

What Happens to Paul Manafort’s Ostrich Jacket if He’s Convicted?

Alleged Russian Agent Marina Butina Moved to Virginia Jail, Unclear Why

Reach Your Goals With Help From These Mindfulness Experts

‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Director Jon M. Chu Is Out to Change Hollywood: ‘Our Time Is Now’

Bill Maher Slams Trump and Fox News for Their Racist Aretha Franklin Tributes

The Crusader Who Exposed Pennsylvania’s Sadistic Priests

How I Found My Brainwashed Daughter in the Sex Cult NXIVM

American History Is Full of Immigrant-Haters Like Stephen Miller

The Punk Rocker With a Feminine Touch: Jesse Peretz’s Unlikely Path to ‘GLOW’ and ‘Juliet, Naked’

Why Aretha Franklin Never Conquered Her Fear of Flying: ‘Who Cares?’

I Fell in Love With Madagascar and Its Sacred Trees

Post-9/11 Wars Tore the Heart Out of America’s Heartland

Trump Bashed Lobbyists. Now He’s Their BFF

Netflix’s ‘Classless’ Cancellation of Michelle Wolf’s ‘The Break’

Secret Distillery Menus Revealed

Aretha Franklin’s Regal Rebellion Against Racism

Fox News, CNN Hired Ex-Trump Aides Bound by NDAs. That’s ‘Journalistic Malpractice,’ Experts Say.

When Aretha Franklin’s ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Drew a Torrent of Racial Abuse

Website Promised Free Anti-Antifa Shirts. Alt-Right Signed Up. It Was a Trap.

This Portable Battery Charges Three Phones Simultaneously

Save Thousands On This IT Certification Training Pack

Speed Read: The ‘Be Best’ Bits From NYT’s New Melania Trump Profile

Kellyanne Conway to White House Press Corps: Why Are You So ‘Obsessed’ With Trump?

Ditch the Boring Bluetooth Speakers for this Ambiance-Creating Fire-Dancing Bluetooth Speaker

Make Perfect Cold Brew At Home With This Kit

Take 80% Off These Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Earbuds

This Compact Emergency Escape Tool Might Save Your Life

Fistful of Bourbon: Scotland’s American Whiskey Gamble

‘We the Animals’ Exposes the Pain and Rhapsody of Childhood

Under Trump and DeVos, Trans Students Face ‘Spiritual Violence’ at Religious Schools

Kasich Won’t Win in 2020, but He Might Make Trump Lose

Who Will Give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the Honest Advice She Needs?

#Resistance Twitter Hero Exposed as Pro-Trump Gamer

Catholic Church Shielded Priests Who Raped Boys, but It Helped Lock Up a Priest Who Swiped Bucks

Trump and Omarosa Had a ‘F*cking Weird’ Fight With Vietnam Vets

Gaza Has Amazing Historic Sites—If You Could Only See Them

Jimmy Kimmel on Kanye West: ‘I Felt His Silence Answered the Question’ About Trump

How the American Girl ‘Care and Keeping’ Books Revolutionized Health for Tweens and Teens

Obama Helped Save This Town. Trump May Trash It. They Don’t Care.

Inside Omarosa’s Ugly War Over Actor Michael Clarke Duncan’s Estate

Seth Meyers Cheers ‘Rare Moment of Honesty’ From ‘Fox & Friends’ About Trump and Omarosa

Big Mistake. Huge. ‘Pretty Woman: The Musical’ Has Little of the Movie’s Magic.

Stephen Colbert Roasts Lara Trump for Omarosa Tape: ‘Send My Worst Son’s Wife’

Aretha Franklin Bashed Trump in Private, Blew Off Inauguration Invite

‘Criminal and Morally Reprehensible’: Vatican Condemns Priest Sex Abuse in Grand-Jury Report

CIA Chief Gina Haspel Silent as Trump Attacks Her Predecessor and Patron

Aretha Franklin’s Death Highlights Vicious Path of Pancreatic Cancer

Luke Song: How I Made Aretha Franklin’s Famous Obama Inauguration Hat

GOP Senate Candidate Corey Stewart Follows Neo-Confederate Leader on Twitter

When Aretha Franklin Sang ‘Nessun Dorma’ at the Grammys: The Story Behind the Greatest Award Show Performance Ever

Olympic Gymnasts Madison Kocian and Kyla Ross Reveal Abuse by Larry Nassar

Chris Watts Cried for Wife Shanann and Daughters on TV. Cops Say He Murdered Them.

Top Republicans Hit Up QAnon Conspiracy Nuts for Cash

Trump Charges ‘Free Press’ With ‘Collusion’ Over Coordinated Editorials. As Predicted.

Keith Ellison Fights Back Tears During Interview About Abuse Allegations

Was This Aretha Franklin’s Finest Hour?

When Aretha Franklin Proved She Was the Greatest Diva Ever

Aretha Franklin Dead at 76: A Queen Who Embodied Black Music’s Spirit and Vision

Seeing Madonna’s Michigan: A Cultural Tour of the Material Girl’s Home State

The New Slenderman Is a Japanese Monster Named Momo and He’s Taking Over YouTube

Did Trump Curse New York’s Tiki Bars?

‘BlacKkKlansman’s’ Badass Revolutionary: Laura Harrier on Trump, Colorism, and Hollywood

Suicidal Vet Calls MDMA Treatment ‘a Miracle’

Trump Would Have Banned Ilhan Omar From the U.S.—Now She’s Headed to Congress

Language Barriers Lead Border Patrol to Rip Children From Their Indigenous Parents

Republicans Don’t Just Want to Win—They Want to Rig the Game

‘Trump Is Ours’: Kremlin Media Fear Democratic Victory in November Midterm Elections

The Masterpiece Baker Is Back. Now He Won’t Make a Trans-Themed Cake.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Want Her Dad To Talk To Them, Not Tabloids

Growing Up in Harrisburg, Us Kids Knew Some Priests Were Monsters. So Did the Bishops Who Are Still Pretending Otherwise.

Melissa Schuman Accused Backstreet Boy Nick Carter of Rape. And Then ‘the Vultures Came Out.’

Jimmy Kimmel Grills Tom Arnold: When Will We See Trump’s ‘N-Word’ Tape?

Dane Cook’s Creepy Romantic Relationship With a Teenager Raises Serious Red Flags

‘Daily Show’s’ ’N-Word Expert’ Roy Wood Jr.: Don’t Need a ‘Secret Tape to Prove Trump’s a Racist’

Stephen Colbert Rips Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Defending Trump’s ‘Racism’

Trump Staffer Says He Recruited Lobbyists for Wealthy Russians

Mueller’s Team Talks Down Star Witness Rick Gates in Closing Arguments of Paul Manafort’s Trial

U.S. Immigration Agency Chief Spoke at Anti-Immigrant ‘Hate Group’ Event

Former CIA Chiefs Blast Trump’s ‘Outrageous’ Move on Brennan

The Last Time I Was Called ‘an Enemy of the People’

Keith Ellison on Abuse Allegations: ‘We Will Handle It Head On’

Parkland Students Return to School: ‘It’s Never Going to Be Normal Again’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Defends Alex Jones ‘Time Out’

Vatican’s Response to 1,000 Children Abused by Priests? ‘No Comment.’

‘Fox & Friends’: Trump ‘Outsmarted’ by Omarosa

Don’t Overpay for Liquor: 8 Undervalued Bottles

Former U.S. Officials Taking China’s Side in Trade Fights

Fox News Hosts and the Rest of the American Elite Don’t Know the First Thing About Farm Work

Pinterest Moms Share Parfait Recipes Next to QAnon Memes

Did I Join a Movement That Naturally Attracts Extremists and Kooks?

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Maine Voters Could Ban LGBT Conversion Therapy

Conservatives Should Shed Absolutely No Tears for Alex Jones

Chris Collins Is Just One of the Many Creeps Picnicking on Trump’s Lawn

After a New Massacre, Charges That ISIS Is Operating With Assad and the Russians

Protester Maimed by Portland Police: ‘I Thought I Was Going to Die’

The Company Making a Killing Off School-Shooting Simulations: ‘The Officer Becomes the Hunter’

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‘Love Always Wins’: Inside the Fight for LGBT Equality in Lebanon

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Crook You Can Believe In? Here’s Why the Feds Think Jurors Will Trust Rick Gates.

Chris Collins’ Indictment Reveals Dark Side of Immunotherapy

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Going 10 Rounds With Top Bartender Masahiro Urushido

Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump and Played the Audio to Others, Sources Say

The Oscars’ New Most Popular Movie Category Will Ruin the Academy Awards

Father Arrested at New Mexico Compound Was Training Kids to Commit School Shootings: Prosecutors

There Will Now Likely Be Two Democratic Socialists of America Members in Congress

ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over New Rules Blocking Asylum-Seekers

Planned Parenthood Launches New Campaign to Derail the Kavanaugh Nomination

Joanna Coles, and the End of the Celebrity Glossy Magazine Editor

Senate Asks Julian Assange to Testify in Russia Investigation

Republican Rep. Chris Collins Arrested for Insider Trading With His Son and Lying to FBI

Before Housing Migrant Kids, Youth Shelter’s Counselor Sexually Abused Girl

This Crystal Air Purifier Eliminates Car Odors

Kids Were Killed at Texas Youth Facility. Then Feds Sent Migrant Children There.

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Gravitational Waves Could Help Find Secret Alien Worlds

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Bitcoin Donations to Alt-Right Surge Ahead of Charlottesville Anniversary

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George Takei: Trump’s Family Separation Policy Is More ‘Evil’ Than Japanese Internment

Catherine Oxenberg Reveals How She Lost Her Daughter to the Sex Cult NXIVM

Primary Results: Democrats Add Two to Historic Slate of Female Governor Candidates

Stephen Colbert Demolishes Infowars’ Alex Jones for Losing His ‘War on Info’

Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’: Fat-Shaming Is the Least of This Misguided Show’s Problems

Jimmy Kimmel Defends Trump’s Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Trump Takes a Victory Lap as Troy Balderson Limps to Finish Line in Ohio

Republican Troy Balderson Ekes Out Apparent Ohio Victory, GOP Avoids Total Disaster

‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ America’s Horniest TV Show, Is Back and Better Than Ever

Manafort Tried to Influence Team Trump Months After Leaving

‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Shaun Weiss’ Slow Fall From Grace

Joël Robuchon: The Chef of the Century

Widow of Indian-American Murdered in Hate Crime: ‘My American Dream Is Broken’

New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media

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German Couple Convicted of Selling Their Little Boy for Sex

Meghan Markle Crushes Hopes of Showstopping Emmy Appearance

West Hollywood City Council Demands Removal of Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

Maine’s Obsession With Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy

Primary Preview: What to Watch For in Ohio, Michigan, and Kansas

The Democratic Party Has Entered Its No Bullsh*t Phase

The Impeachment Pushes Are Fizzling—and That’s a Good Thing

Alleged Mosque Bombers Got Orders From Militia ‘Higher-Ups,’ Members Say

Is the Iranian General Taunting Trump on a U.S. Hit List?

How Rudy Giuliani Went From Gun Scourge to Gun Nut

Trump’s Allies Struggle to Stop QAnon’s Spread

The White House Won’t Stop Melania From Contradicting Trump

Netflix’s ‘Disenchantment’ Is ‘The Simpsons’ Meets ‘Game of Thrones’

Why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Invoked Muslim Ex-NBA Player Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf to Troll Trump

How Alt-Right Troll Garrett Yrigoyen Won ‘The Bachelorette’

Don Lemon Fires Back at Trump’s ‘Racist’ Attack on Him and LeBron James

Jim Carrey Defends His ‘Ugly’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders Cartoon: ‘I Drew Her Essence’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Hails Melania for Siding With LeBron Over Trump

Rosie O’Donnell, Broadway Singers Protest Trump With Resistance Show Tunes

Here’s How Rick Gates’ Testimony—Meant to Nail Manafort—Could Instead Get Him Off the Hook

Rick Gates: I Robbed Paul Manafort While the Two of Us Did Crimes Together

Trump’s Tweet About Donald Jr. and the Russians Is a Gift to Mueller

Joe Arpaio on Sacha Baron Cohen: I ‘Never Agreed’ to Blow Job From Trump

Radio Host Asks Michael Avenatti: You Ever Have Sex With Stormy Daniels?

Beyoncé’s Vogue Cover Is Fabulous. And It’s an Insult to Journalism.

Trump Just Tossed a Grenade Into the Kansas Republican Governor Primary

Ohio Judge Refuses to Allow Transgender Teens to Change Their Names: Lawsuit

Some Big Names in Republican Fundraising Are Financing Trump’s Legal Defense Fund

YouTube Bans Infowars’ Alex Jones for Spewing Hate Speech

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Facebook and Apple iTunes Ban Alex Jones as Internet Giants Silence Infowars

Yes, This Senate Could Convict Trump. Here’s How.

A Mid-Year Beer & Whiskey Report Card

She Won the Bronze. Now This Muslim-American Olympian Wants the Gold—for Her Country.

The Coming Worm Apocalypse Should Terrify You

‘A Prayer Before Dawn’: The True Story of a Brit Who Boxed for His Life in a Terrifying Thai Prison

This Time Things Are Different as Ferguson Elects a Prosecutor

Democrat Danny O’Connor Tries to Do the Impossible in an Ohio Republican Stronghold

Wisconsin Elections Suggest Trump Is Losing His Grip on the Rust Belt

Of Course Trump Wants His Personal Pilot to Run the FAA

The Media’s Nasty Treatment of Monica Lewinsky Shaped a Generation of Women

Fox News’ ‘Hard News’ Shows Have a ‘Ban’ on Sebastian Gorka

Trump’s Family Separation Could Get This Mother and Son Killed

QAnon’s Newest Hero Is D-List ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Isaac Kappy

John Oliver Dismantles Trump’s ‘Galling Lie’ About Don Jr.

Sacha Baron Cohen Gets Joe Arpaio to Accept ‘Amazing Blow Job’ From Trump

Did ‘The Affair’ Kill Off Ruth Wilson’s Character Alison?

Omarosa Was Feared in the Trump White House for Her Vengefulness. Now She’s Out to Prove Why.

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Armed Trump Supporters March on Portland, Beating Up Opponents and Calling for Hillary Clinton’s Arrest

CBS Struggles to Defend Itself Amid Les Moonves Scandal: ‘Things Are Not Perfect’

Kellyanne Conway Breaks with Trump: ‘I Don’t Believe Journalists Are the Enemy of the People’

Nicki Minaj and the Abusive Stan Culture Epidemic: ‘Where Do I Draw the Line?’

ABC’s Scandal-Plagued Summer: Ex-‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Accused of Sexual Harassment

President Trump Embraces Embattled Jim Jordan at Ohio Rally, Crowd Chants 'Speaker of the House'

Meet Vinni Pukh, Soviet Russia’s Bizarre Take on Winnie the Pooh

Move Over, Chardonnay: Is Picardan the Next Great White Wine?

They Said What?! Anti-LGBT Prejudice Reigns in Japan’s Ruling Party

Peep Shows, STD Scams, and Freak Shows: Inside the Bowery’s Bad Old Days

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They Stole Sweden's Crown Jewels, and Escaped By Speedboat

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MH370 Becomes the Cold Case That Nobody Wants to Solve

Prince’s Identity Has Been Stripped From Paisley Park

Murdered Russian Journalists in Africa Were Onto Something Dangerous for Putin

Donald Trump’s Racist, Idiotic Attack on Sports Legend LeBron James

Parkland Shooter Asked for Help, but Was Denied Before Shooting

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Bill Maher Exposes the Insanity of QAnon: Trump Used to ‘Walk in on Miss Teen USA Pageants’

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This Hacker Party Is Ground Zero for Russia’s Cyberspies

Trump Fans Are Suckers and QAnon Is Perfect for Them

Thomas Markle Proves How Profitable A Royal Relative Can Be

Black Women Suffer From Eating Disorders, Too

The NRA’s Cry for Help

Dems Need to Pin Brett Kavanaugh on Which Constitution He Supports

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Killer Nazi Puppets Terrorize America in the Most Batshit-Insane Movie of the Year

The Golden State Killer Suspect’s Chilling Warning Signs: Tantrums, Flirtations, and Poisoned Dogs

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Accountant Says She Helped Paul Manafort Cook His Books

Elizabeth Warren Hints at Possible 2020 Run? ‘I’m Going Up That Hill’

Michael Avenatti Trolls Sean Hannity on ‘The View’

Watch QAnon Followers Try to Explain Their Absolutely Bonkers, Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theory

Startup Had ‘Masturbation’ Zone, Exec Who Took Off Pants in Meeting: Lawsuit

Mika Brzezinski to Ivanka Trump: ‘Try and Act Like You Care’

‘Christopher Robin’ Revives Winnie the Pooh as an Emotional Terrorist

Weinstein’s Rape Accuser Said ‘I Love You’ After Alleged Attack, Lawyers Say

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Manafort Lawyers and Feds Spar Over the Government’s Star Witness

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Suspect in Murder of George H.W. Bush’s Doctor Kills Himself During Police Confrontation

Lindsay Lohan Slammed by Paris Hilton, Parties Hard With Tiffany Trump

Meet Wyatt Russell, Hollywood’s Most and Least Likely Leading Man

Tokyo’s Best Karaoke Is Karaoke Sung Alone

China’s Plans For World Conquest? Easy Credit

What’s Next for NASA’s Cassini Mission Space Explorers?

North Korea’s Grave Secrets: What U.S. Remains Can Reveal

QAnon Is Even Blowing Conservative Media’s Minds

Right-Wing Groups With Guns Plan to Impersonate and Infiltrate Antifa

Les Moonves’ Wife Julie Chen Under Scrutiny at CBS as Her Husband Is Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Why Paul Manafort’s ‘Blame Rick Gates’ Strategy Will Fail

‘Cocote’ Is a Brutal Revenge Movie Teeming With Cults and Beheadings

Stephen Colbert Destroys Ivanka Trump for Calling Family Separation a ‘Low Point for Me’

Jimmy Kimmel to Fox News’ Bret Baier: Don’t You Hate Being ‘Lumped’ in With Hannity?

Pre-Order Rick Wilson’s ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies’

National Enquirer Boss David Pecker Tiptoes Away From His Pal Trump as Scandal Swirls and Circulation Drops

Paul Manafort Conned His Own Bookkeeper, Prosecutors Say

Trump: Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh Want Government Shutdown Before Midterms

In ‘This American Wife,’ Bravo’s ‘Real Housewives’ Get the Play They Deserve

ICE Is Detaining a Woman Who Is 32 Weeks Pregnant

Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ Character Is ‘Probably Pro-Trump,’ but Won’t Say It on TV

Urban Meyer, Jim Jordan, and the Ohio State Scandals You’ve Never Heard Of

Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Claims 40 ‘Exculpatory’ Emails From Rape Accuser

Team Trump: Russia Is Trying to ‘Weaken’ U.S.

Fox News Beats Seth Rich’s Parents in Court

Tom Steyer Attacks Senate Dems for Ducking Trump Impeachment

Leather Addict Buzz Bissinger Calls Out Manafort’s ‘Ridiculous’ Ostrich Jacket

Liberal Group Blasts GOP Candidate for Silence on Jim Jordan’s OSU Scandal

Ivanka Trump: Of Course Media Is Not ‘Enemy of the People’

Pro-Trump Megadonors Look to Cash In On Trump’s Plan to Undercut Russian Energy

Meghan Markle’s Problems With Dad Go Way Back: Report

Inside the Secret Taliban Talks to End America’s Longest War

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Paul Walker’s Final Hours Revealed

Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, Brett Kavanaugh, Had ‘Mixed Emotions’ About Taking Down Bill Clinton

Drinking Like the Flaming Lips: Beer, Whiskey & Plenty of Fireball

The Secret to Getting Away With a Golf Addiction

Garbage Burn Pits From Iraq Are Causing Lung Disease in Vets

Sorry, Trump, the Koch Brothers Have a Point

More Ex-Prisoners Can Vote in Alabama—They Just Don’t Know It

Anti-Abortion Groups Begin Shock-and-Awe Campaign to Get Brett Kavanaugh on Supreme Court

What Tom Brady Can Learn From LeBron James, the Sports Hero We Need Right Now

Donald Trump Connects Paul Manafort, Al Capone, and Fear Itself

Russia’s Building Warships Faster Than America—or even China

Feds Tip Their Strategy in Paul Manafort Prosecution

The FDA Is Finally Cracking Down on ‘Vaginal Rejuvenation’

SoundCloud Rapper Kevin Pouya Accused of Orchestrating Gang Rape of Fan

Seth Meyers Roasts Trump’s Laughable Grocery Store Ignorance

Stephen Colbert: Trump Is ‘Obstructing Justice’ Right in Front of Us

John Bolton Brings a Nuclear Superhawk Into the White House

QAnon, the Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theorists, Now Believe JFK Jr. Faked His Death to Become Their Leader

Paul Manafort’s Bills Were Paid off By Shady Companies, Say the Feds

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Why Medical Trials Need Volunteers Without The Disease Being Treated

Republican Official Says White Nationalist Was ‘Label-Lynched’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Defends Verbal Attacks on CNN’s Jim Acosta

Senate Rejects Additional Funding for Election Security Despite Intel Warnings

A Timeline of Team Trump’s Flip-Flopping on Robert Mueller

The U.S.-Backed Military Slaughters Women and Children in Cameroon

He Saved His Grandson From a Naked Intruder, Then Police Shot Him Dead

Obama Unveils First Set of 2018 Midterm Endorsements

Texts Reveal Ohio State’s Urban Meyer Knew His Aide Abused Wife in 2015: Report

Principal Allegedly Called Sex-Abuse Claims ‘Fake News.’ Then Another Student Came Forward.

Bernie Sanders Wades Into High-Stakes Primaries For Young Progressives

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The Malaysian Gay Man Fighting for His Life, and Many Other LGBT Asylum Seekers

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Huawei, China’s Shadowy Telecom Giant, Wants a Foothold in Europe

Putin’s Secret Police Prevent 2 Million From Leaving Russia

Inside ‘Better Call Saul’ Season 4’s ‘Hurtling’ Sprint Toward ‘Breaking Bad’

After Locking Up Immigrants, Government Releases Them With Just Bus Tickets

Kim Kardashian's Homophobic Insult To Tyson Beckford After Body Shaming

Christiane Amanpour on Replacing Charlie Rose: ‘It Sends a Really Big Message’

Jimmy Kimmel Grills Sean Spicer: Why Did You Lie for That ‘Son of a Bitch’ Trump?

Stephen Colbert Exposes Trump’s ‘Web of Lies’ About ‘Collusion’

Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night’ Gets a Rousing Musical Makeover

Team Mueller Paints Paul Manafort as Ostrich-Coated Tax Cheat

Elliott Broidy’s Mistress: I Was Pregnant When My Lawyer Keith Davidson ‘Recruited’ Michael Cohen to ‘Solve’ Problem

Accused Russian Spy Maria Butina Told American CEO: Send Cash to Moscow